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Imagefix Creates Innovative Design Concept for 21jAeroDesign

Imagefix Creates Innovative Design Concept for 21jAeroDesign

Imagefix Creates Innovative Design Concept for 21jAeroDesign 

21jAeroDesign is a provider of innovative aeronautical design and engineering solutions. Imagefix is excited to be working with the company on a new business card design, a website design and an innovative leaflet design for use at conferences.

Imagefix Design for Maximum Impact 

We were approached by the 21jAeroDesign company founder because he was looking for a Design Agency he felt he could collaborate creatively with. In one of our earliest conversations, he mentioned the difficulties he was experiencing getting delegates to take company leaflets at conferences. A member of the Imagefix team suggested that maybe the leaflet should be designed to be folded into a paper aeroplane.

The best ideas combine simplicity and innovation – 21jAeroDesign loved the model aeroplane idea. Now we just had to make it happen.

Creating Transformational Design for Clients

Our aim was to create a two-dimensional object that could be transformed into a three-dimensional paper plane without obscuring the informational content. We utilised the signature colours of the business, including the appropriately named air-force blue. The design incorporated fold marks and integrated simple instructional arrows.

Imagefix Creates Innovative Design Concept for 21jAeroDesign

The idea evolved through a series of design iterations. And a number of trial runs for the paper planes in our office! The moment the design was signed off it was sent to print and then distributed at a conference 3 days later. The client was delighted with the impact they created. More people were willing to stop and talk, and they were keen to take leaflets to pass onto colleagues.

 Imagefix Works Collaboratively on Design

This was an excellent example of the ways in which we’re able to create impactful content marketing for clients. The combination of creativity and technical design skills which characterises the agency means that we can turnaround innovative projects like this one fast and effectively.

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