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Imagefix Creates User-Friendly Website For Ilford Construction Company

Imagefix Creates User-Friendly Website For Ilford Construction Company

WordPress Website for Capel (C.S) Ltd

We’ve all had the experience of watching a once vibrant high street shop lose its lustre and start to look slightly ‘tired’ as newer, shinier brands move in around it. Well the same thing happens to websites and it’s important to recognise when it’s happening, and crucial to do something about it! The Ilford-based construction firm Capel (S.C) Ltd came to us with exactly this problem; their website had served them well for years, but it was now showing its age as it couldn’t provide mobile-friendly content, nor was it able to provide potential clients with an optimal user experience.

Imagefix Work with Clients to Create Successful Websites

The Imagefix design team has its roots in digital design and marketing. This means that we can offer our clients websites that are optimised for current digital requirements, and designed to look great whilst offering superb navigation, informative copy, HD visuals and your brand experience. Most important, we take the time to get to know our clients’ business and ensure that the website we create reflects the unique characteristics that make your brand distinctive in the crowded digital marketplace.

Imagefix has Design at the Heart of All It Does

The new Capel (C.S) Ltd website has just gone live and our client is delighted with the improvements we’ve been able to make. We redesigned the look of the site, to ensure that visuals were high- quality and eye-catching on every page. The content of the site has been rewritten throughout, providing engaging and updated information about the company, their services, and recent case studies. We’ve also applied organic SEO to ensure that Capel (C.S) Ltd gets the attention it deserves online. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) utilises analytics, research, onsite links and keywords to ensure that your company shows up in the optimal position when customers type in relevant keywords.

A website makeover could make a huge difference to your online sales; why not give us a ring to find out how we could make your voice heard above the online crowd?

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