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Imagefix is a Finalist in 2020 SME Luton and Bedfordshire Awards

Imagefix is a Finalist in 2020 SME Luton and Bedfordshire Awards

Imagefix is a Finalist in 2020 SME Luton and Bedfordshire Awards

In May 2019 the Imagefix team had a great night out. We attended the 2019 SME Luton and Bedfordshire Awards at the Corn Exchange in Bedford. It was such a shock to be named as runner-up for Bedford Business of the year that it took a moment to realise they meant US! Such a lot has happened since then, for Imagefix, that we decided to try for ‘Business of the Year’ title again in 2020. And we’re excited to be named as finalists in the 2020 SME Awards.

Imagefix Offers a Personal Service to Local Businesses

Attending the award ceremony last year allowed us to meet other finalists and talk to them about their businesses. Everyone we spoke to agreed that offering a tailored, personal service for local clients is key. One winner said: “It creates a sense of community and support amongst Bedfordshire businesses, with everyone ‘batting for the county’ rather than just for themselves.” We couldn’t agree more – it’s exactly what Imagefix’ customer services are founded on.

We’ve been providing design and marketing for over 15 years, tailored individually to each business we work with. That means getting to know what drives our customers; understanding why they are prepared to work so hard, and what their values are. Once we know that, we are able to differentiate them clearly from their competitors, and market their products compellingly.

Celebrating the Work of Our Apprentice

In early March Imagefix had a new apprentice start. Little did any of us know in those first couple of weeks that, come March 25th, our only contact with him would be Zoom calls for the foreseeable future. It’s testimony to Reece’s maturity and professionalism that he consistently excels in the work he carries out for us, and has retained total focus on his college work as well.

We are delighted that Reece has made it to the finals in the Apprentice of the Year category. There really will be tremendous celebrations if he wins the award.

Changes This Year

There are two clear ways in which the business has changed since the award ceremony last year:

Supporting Customers Through Covid. We’ve all been put to the test as businesses this year, and we’ve all had to ‘step up to the plate’ in one way or another. Imagefix customers were affected by Covid-19 in different ways, and needed different kinds of support from us.

Once the shock of ‘lockdown’ wore off, we called round everyone we work with, and created individual support plans going forward. We’ve come through this together – and feel stronger as we move forward.

Creating a Sustainable Business. Over the past year the Imagefix team has been increasingly aware of the need to work sustainably as a business. To this end we have joined the Bedfordshire Green Business Network. This allows us to learn from the good practice developed by other businesses in the area and, once everyone’s back in the office, we’ll be setting ourselves some green targets to meet.

We’re hoping to be able to attend the SME Business Awards in November this year, although it looks likely this this will now be a Zoom event. A big thank you to the organisers from the team at Imagefix for getting this up and running in such adverse circumstances, and a shout out for all the finalists – great to be a part of this.

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