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Imagefix Joins the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Imagefix Joins the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Building our Network with Local Businesses

There are some decisions you make as a business that feel so ‘right’, so ‘natural’, that you wonder why it has taken so long to do it.

Joining the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce is a case in point; we’re delighted to now be members of this powerful network, especially as the aims of the Chamber – to create connections and become an enabler for local business growth – so closely align with those of our business.

Achieving Local Growth with the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Joining the Chamber provides us with the chance to connect with other businesses, large and small, across Bedfordshire, and introduce our services to a new group of contacts. Naturally, we’re excited about finding new business opportunities via this network, but we’re also relishing the opportunity to share our experiences, access and offer expertise to fellow members, and have a voice in local policy making.

Imagefix Extends its Network

As a business born and bred in Bedfordshire, Imagefix has developed its own network of small and medium businesses in the region – including a number of businesses that started small and now have global reach. Our approach has always been one of inclusivity, collaboration and connection. We consider our customer base as holding the potential for local business growth, by supporting each other, working together, and recommending each other’s services.

Imagefix Helps Get Your Business Noticed

The aim of the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce is to help businesses grow. At Imagefix we have a similar goal; to work with customers to create websites and digital messaging that will grow their customer base by making their products easy to search for, and find, online. We think of our work as using Search Engine Optimisation to put a spotlight on our clients’ sites, making them to stand out in the crowded internet environment.

Connect with the Imagefix Network

As a local web design business, we get to know our clients, their products, and their stories, so that we can fully support them in achieving their goals. Whether we’re designing a website from scratch, working with clients on branding, or providing organic SEO, the aim is to amplify their unique voice so they can grow their network and their reach locally, regionally and nationally.

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