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Imagefix Joins the Bedfordshire Green Business Network

Imagefix Joins the Bedfordshire Green Business Network

Imagefix Joins the Bedfordshire Green Business Network

“We need more joined-up thinking on climate change”

– Kirsty Britz, director of sustainable banking at RBS

I’m sure the Imagefix team isn’t alone in feeling pretty isolated when it comes to battling climate-change. It’s been on our collective mind for well over a year now. We started out by talking about the issues. Then we moved on to taking action: recycling in the office, opting for sustainable energy, and ensuring good insulation. But then we got a bit stuck. We want to do more but we weren’t sure what to do or how to achieve it.

Working With a Community of Like-Minded Businesses

Then we found the Bedfordshire Green Business Network. It’s both a charity and a membership organisation with a simple aim: to join-up like-minded businesses who want to reduce the impact they have on the environment. They can help with a range of issues, like managing water consumption, waste, or bio-diversity. Most important, they‘re committed to helping businesses move beyond talking about climate change, to locating it at the heart of their business decision-making.

Events That Shine A Light on Environmental Issues

Most businesses our size don’t have much time in the office to devote to environmental issues. So we were really excited to find out about the range of activities and workshops on offer for members. They’re all around 2 hours, so we’re taking it in turns to attend and report back. We’ll definitely be looking at environmental auditing in a couple of months’ time, and we may finally get our heads around bio-diversity in the July workshop.

Working to Create a Sustainable Future

At Imagefix we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer to the Bedfordshire businesses we work with. This includes a high degree of personalisation, and consistently high standards on website design and marketing. We now think that this should also include a commitment to the sustainable future of businesses everywhere, through the actions we’re taking today.

We can all help by taking individual action, but we need joined-up thinking to achieve meaningful change. If you’re also working towards environmentally sustainable goals, we’d love to hear about what you’re doing. Give us a call today 01525 715608