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Imagefix Lockdown – Flexibility is Key

Imagefix Lockdown – Flexibility is Key

Imagefix Lockdown – Flexibility is Key

In the early days of working from home the Imagefix team loved to Zoom. Now we’re all in need of a good haircut, and casual is the new office-wear, Zoom’s fallen by the wayside. It’s just one of the adaptations we’ve had to make over the past two weeks. And you know what? Text, calls and our online project management system has proved pretty successful at keeping us efficient as a virtual team.

A Flexible Approach to Changing Times

When the Covid lockdown was announced we, like every other business, felt the shock. It seemed impossible that the country would shut down overnight, and we had no idea what would happen next. The one thing we did know was that pretty much all our customers were in the same boat and would need different kinds of support from Imagefix to get through this period of uncertainty.

In the first few days after the lockdown announcement was made the normally busy phone was silent and, of course, the temptation was to start ringing people to find out what was happening. We held our nerve. Everyone, we reckoned, needed time to get their heads around this devastating new ‘normal’.

After a week or so, the businesses we work with began to get in touch. They, like us, wanted to touch base, share their experiences, and start to work out a possible way forward.

Planning for an Uncertain Future

Over the past two months we’ve had a chance to talk to our clients more than usual, which has been great! Most of them pretty quickly started to want to talk to us about shifting more of their business online. The businesses we work with know how to adapt, and they’re admirably matter-of-fact about the way forward. With social distancing a way of life for the next few months, they need to have options to sell online.

We’re delighted to be able to help, even if it’s only by listening to ideas and giving a bit of feedback. We’ve worked with loads of companies starting a digital business, so we can talk about our experience, and highlight challenges or opportunities that clients may not of thought about. We’re all trying to plot a course through the next few months and the more we can pool our resources the better.

About Imagefix

We’re a Bedfordshire-based design and marketing agency. Our team works with a range of businesses helping them to grow sales through creative web design and a blend of effective marketing strategies. Over the past decade we’ve developed long-term relationships with numerous businesses, and we are always delighted to be part of their journey as they grow.

If you would like to chat through some ideas about transferring your business online, or adapting your current business model, call Imagefix on 01525 715608