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Imagefix Provides a Cyber Security Solution for Local Bedfordshire Businesses

Imagefix Provides a Cyber Security Solution for Local Bedfordshire Businesses

Imagefix Provides a Cyber Security Solution for Local Bedfordshire Businesses

As a design and marketing agency, a lot of our work involves developing websites either with start-up companies, or with businesses that are in the process of improving their brand identity to help grow their customer base. At a recent ‘Cybersecurity Breakfast Briefing’ for local businesses, Detective Sergeant Bart Haley, from the Eastern Regional Organised Crime Unit, pin-pointed small and medium-sized businesses as the latest target for cyber-criminals: “SME’s are the UK’s engine of growth, but around 75% of companies in this sector are leaving themselves open to phishing attacks, ransomware, and stolen data”.

Being a major issue throughout the UK both individually and for businesses, this was strongly reinforced on the latest edition of Crimewatch. The episode highlighted how easy it is for anyone to acquire information just by looking on social media sites, and just how prevalent cyber crimes are becoming.

Imagefix Understands Why Smaller Companies Don’t Secure Digital Assets

One of the reasons small and medium sized companies don’t secure their enterprise against cyber-criminals is that they think that it’s going to be costly. At Imagefix we see this again and again; companies are working on extremely tight budgets and cybersecurity just isn’t a priority. The problem is that not paying attention to cybersecurity could leave you paying a hefty fine to retrieve your encrypted files from a ransomware gang, or losing your search engine rating as a result of a data breach.

Imagefix and Layer 8 Ltd Provide a Cybersecurity Solution for All Budgets

So what if we could provide a starting point for securing your precious assets that is designed to fit the pockets of even the smallest of start-ups? Imagefix has partnered with a cybersecurity solutions company in order to provide just that for our customers. Layer 8 Ltd started just three years ago, with the express desire to provide a ‘human firewall’ for businesses large and small. They don’t deal in tech solutions, rather they provide engaging, informative, communications designed to get everyone thinking about how we can provide an effective ‘human’ frontline of defence against cyber criminals.

Layer 8 is working with Imagefix to provide two solutions for start-ups and small companies:

  1. EXPLORE (Free) – a weekly ‘Doo’ which is a one-minute read that could be a factoid, task, handy tip or news story – all designed to get you up to speed on current cybersecurity threats.
  2. INITIATE – A daily 1-minute ‘Doo’ informing, advising and warning employees about the latest scams and threats, all of which helps you to improve your security behaviour.


The idea is that subscribing to a weekly, or daily reminder that cybersecurity is on your radar, will allow you to start to get you thinking about where your risks and vulnerabilities lie, and how you want to tackle them as you grow.

Imagefix and Layer 8 Care About Securing the Future of Local Businesses

Whilst Imagefix and Layer 8 work in very different fields, we share a commitment to providing highly professional services to small and medium sized local businesses. We’re very excited by our new partnership, bringing together design and security, and we look forward to helping a range of businesses as they build their customer base and their digital assets.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help combat cyber crime in your organisation then please contact us on 01525 715608.