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Imagefix Creates a New Design for Bedfordshire Company, Silsoe Odours

Web Design for Silsoe Odours

Imagefix Creates a New Website Design for Bedfordshire Company, Silsoe Odours

One of the great things about working in a managed office environment is that you meet so many fascinating people! When Silsoe Odours approached us with a request to redo their existing website, we had absolutely no idea what they did, and we had never heard of an olfactometer! So we popped along across the corridor to find out more…

Silsoe Odours – The Science of Smells

We have found that we get our best results when we start by talking to the businesses we’re creating websites for. Once we get a ‘feel’ of the services they offer, we’re able to represent their brand via the images, dynamics, and functionality on their online presence.

Silsoe Odours provides scientific measurement and analysis for ‘odorous industries’ such as renewable energy, food factories, or sewage plants. Unmanaged odours can impact the local environment, and threaten quality of life for residents living nearby; Silsoe Odours helps these industries by providing data, using methods such as dispersal modelling, which allows for planned remediation and odour management.

Imagefix Makes Science Accessible

The challenge facing the Imagefix team in designing and developing the Silsoe Odours website, was to take a scientific approach and make it accessible to a range of readers, especially potential customers. The original Silsoe Odours website focused on the services being offered, but gave the impression that you already had to know about the subject to navigate your way around. Our designers opened up the range of the website; the services remained but there were also sections about the background of the business, the sectors that they work with, and the study days they run at Wrest Park.

We improved the navigation of the site, enhanced existing images and added new ones to tell the visual story. We also ensured that the register of the web copy invited newcomers to gain an understanding of the work, whilst retaining the scientific foundations of the olfactometric process which underpins it.

We included in our work a slight retouching of the original logo, and we will be promoting the search ranking of the site using our SEO services. Check out the new website here.

Silsoe Odours Logo

Imagefix – Working with Local Businesses in and around Bedfordshire

We are confident that the work we have done on the Silsoe Odours website will attract more customers, and heighten their profile in all the major search engines. We are particularly keen to work with local Bedfordshire businesses on getting their websites in front of potential customers, so if you feel that your website could benefit from a touch of ‘tender, loving care’, do get in touch with us.

Whether you are looking for a new website or a revamp of an existing site and/or an SEO campaign let us work with you to ensure your business is a success. Call now on 01525 715608