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Improve your Search Engine Ranking with Imagefix Website SEO Audit Tool

Improve your Search Engine Ranking with Imagefix Website SEO Audit Tool

Free Website SEO Audit Tool – Get Your Website Score in Seconds

In the time it takes you to read this, a lot will have happened online:

  • 3,788,140 Google searches
  • 3,138,420 GB of internet traffic (US only)
  • 4,333,560 YouTube videos watched


If you’re selling online you’ll be wanting a piece of that action and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that you get it. SEO is what makes your website appear on major search engines pages. It’s how buyers find you, rather than your competitors. And SEO act as quality control, keeping the spammers at bay and driving up value for consumers.

SEO Matters

SEO has had some bad press down the years. Google changes its search engine algorithms pretty regularly, which can leave you feeling like there are 10 different goalposts to aim for. Like so many things though, the trick is to start somewhere rather than allowing your website to go nowhere.

That’s why Imagefix is offering you the opportunity to carry out an SEO Audit for your website.

The Imagefix Free SEO Audit Takes Seconds To Create

All you need to do is enter:

  • homepage url (eg. https://imagefix.co.uk)
  • keyword, or short phrase you use to describe your product (eg. Graphic Design)
  • Your email address

Your SEO report will then be emailed to your inbox in 5-10 minutes.

What Your Free SEO Audit Will Tell You

This is a detailed report but it breaks down into a series of headlines:

  1. Success Rate – 100% success means you’re in the top 5 Google Search Engine rankings and sales should be looking pretty healthy. Anything below 50% means you’re hard to find online.
  2. Search Engine Snapshot – showing how your page appears in all the major Search engines.
  3. Domain Characteristics – backlinks show which websites are linking with yours. Pages with a lot of backlinks get ranked higher by Google.
  4. Page Title – page titles are known as H1s. Google uses H1s to understand what your page is about. Titles should include your keyword, and there shouldn’t be duplicates.
  5. Meta Description – this is how potential customers learn about your product. A good meta-description increases the click-throughs to your website.
  6. URL Structure – you can customise your page url to include your keyword (eg. https://www.Imagefix.co.uk/graphic-design). Customised urls improve your site visibility.
  7. Image Analysis – providing a text alternative to images helps Search engines to rank your page, especially if you’re an eCommerce site.
  8. Content Analysis – demonstrates whether you’re using keywords in your site copy. A 100% keyword density score tells you that your copy is optimised for SEO.
  9. Load Speed – Google is now ranking websites on the time it takes to load to mobile. The audit offers suggestions for how to increase your load time.
  10. Popularity in Social Media – output across a range of platforms enhances the potential for click-through to your site. This snapshot shows how your page is performing.

Imagefix Audit Offers SEO Solutions

Right at the end of your SEO Audit report, there’s a list of actions you can take immediately in order to improve your page ranking. They’re pretty clear, but if you need to chat them through we’ll be more than happy to do so. Our goal is to get your website performing powerfully in the Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines.

If you would like Imagefix to carry out professional Search Engine Optimisation on your website, call us today on 01525 715608.