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Increasing Traffic to the Custom Concrete Website

Increasing Traffic to the Custom Concrete Website

Increasing Traffic to the Custom Concrete Website

Custom Concrete is a Bedford business providing a brilliant service for building projects across Beds, Bucks and Herts. Their fleet of volumetric trucks delivers concrete ingredients to building jobs of all sizes, and then mixes on site to their customers’ specifications. This puts an end to over ordering, which cuts down on waste, and makes prices more competitive.

With such a great business model, Custom Concrete were surprised that they weren’t getting more traffic to their website. So they asked the Imagefix team to take a look and make improvements to the user experience.

Improving the User Experience

This is the kind of work we enjoy doing because we are able make a rapid, discernable difference to visitor numbers for our clients. We started by researching the customer demographic for the site. Our most important finding was that most users were accessing and ordering from Custom Concrete via their phones. Our first job, therefore, was to make the site fully responsive, meaning that it delivers an excellent user experience on any device.

Custom Concrete Web Design

First impressions really matter when it comes to web design. If visitors find a site too busy, over-complicated or difficult to navigate they’ll quickly click away to a competitor. We re-designed the Custom Concrete site by improving the look of the pages, enhancing the imagery and making navigation easier. The original branding and features were maintained.

Adding Value for Site Visitors

Google is the largest of the Search Engines, and the most powerful. They promote the websites that are delivering the best value to their users. Imagefix now has over a decade of experience in meeting the Google criteria for ‘value’, and all our customers see improvement to their Search Engine rankings as the result of our work. For Custom Concrete, our changes included:

  • Hosting the site on a high quality server
  • Web design
  • Relocating the contact form
  • Ongoing SEO rich blog and webpage content, using researched keywords
  • Regular analytics assessment and reporting

Immediate Results for Custom Concrete

The improvements made to Custom Concrete’s site are reaping immediate rewards. If we compare Google Analytics visitor data from July 2019, and the same period in 2020 it shows a clear increase in visitor numbers. We are also able to see that visitors are spending longer on the site, suggesting that the content is of real and immediate value to them. As we continue to track these results we’ll be able to see whether these leads convert into sales for the business.

About Imagefix

The Imagefix team has been designing websites for over two decades now. We also provide website refreshes, and eCommerce integration. If you need your website to do a more effective marketing job for your business, we offer digital marketing strategies to increase traffic to your site, improve your search engine ranking, and enhance the user experience.

Do you need more visitors to your site? Call the Imagefix team today on 01525 715608. We’ll take a look and make recommendations for an immediate improvement in numbers.