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Is your Website Optimised for Tablet and Mobile Devices?

Is your Website Optimised for Tablet and Mobile Devices?

Making Sure Your Website is Optimised for all Devices

Is your website optimised for tablet and mobile devices? The way we access the internet is changing. According to statistics published by the Guardian Newspaper, mobile and tablet browsing figures have now overtaken traditional desktop searches, as we become more accustomed to mobile connectivity and making more spontaneous and targeted internet searches. These figures becoming increasingly distorted when you compare weekdays to weekends, when we have limited access to PCs and laptops, preferring to browse on mobile devices whilst we’re on the go. Chances are you could be reading this very post via a mobile device!

While the majority of websites have kept in step with these trends, some companies still overlook the importance of ensuring their web presence is mobile and tablet friendly, and how this impacts the visitor experience for people accessing their site.

Ensuring your website responds to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

How Important is it to Ensure Your Site is Optimised for Mobile and Tablet Viewing?

Have you ever looked for a site on your mobile, perhaps for a local website or attraction you may be visiting, only to find that you have to scroll endlessly across the page to find the navigation menu. Or searched for something on a retail site, only to be frustrated by drop-down menus that don’t work, or that refresh the whole page with every selection you make? It’s infuriating and off-putting, and gives a bad first impression that will likely lead visitors to quit the site or search for a competitor.

This is the value of mobile and tablet optimisation; it’s about understanding the user experience and making sure that your format matches the way that your visitors are browsing now. It makes sense from a business point of view too; mobile and tablet accessibility can play a key part in improving your google ranking, allowing your site to show up higher in google searches.

Imagefix Design Responsive WordPress Websites

Here at Imagefix we’ve long been aware of the importance of ensuring sites are optimised for the multitude of ways we browse the internet. Every site we build and maintain is vetted and updated to ensure it works with a range of screen dimensions, and that the features view, play and work correctly for both desktop and touch screen interaction. We can extend these services to older sites too; if your site was built before mobile and tablet browsing was even a consideration, we can help you update it, bringing it into line with modern day design practices and ensuring your visitors can experience the best your site has to offer, however they choose to access it.

We’re always happy to offer advice and opinions on how to improve your web presence, and will be happy to talk you through your own circumstances and what would be best for you.

If you would like to speak further about optimising your website for mobile and tablet viewing, or are looking for a personable and competent team to build your first site, then get in contact and speak to us today 01525 715608.