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Is Your Website Scaring Off Potential Customers?

Is Your Website Scaring Off Potential Customers?

Customers Value Sites That Look Trustworthy

Is your website scaring off potential customers? Earlier this year IBM carried out a survey to find out what online consumers value most in websites. Given a list of options including rapid loading, easy navigation, video and multiple ways to buy, the majority ranked security above all the other features. For the first time ever, consumers and business users said it was important to them that the site was secure. They also indicated that they would use extra security features if given the option.

We often talk to our clients about their websites being online shop fronts. Just as you wouldn’t favour a High St shop with broken windows, online customers have become far more savvy at recognising when they’re on a website they can trust, and when they’re in a neighbourhood they need to avoid!

Here are 6 ways to promote trust in your online visitors:

Professional Website Design

A site that looks neglected, dated or amateur will immediately ring alarm bells for visitors. With over 4 billion users every day, the internet is the world’s largest marketplace so the bar is very high. If you’re creating a business brochure website, don’t skimp. Find a web design agency that will create a professional, secure site for you.

Get an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate secures your website by encrypting the content, and any information you you receive through it. Websites with SSL certificates have https in their url. You may have noticed that Google is now displaying a ‘Not Secure’ message in the address bar where they’re absent. Even if you don’t take payments on your site, https has now become a badge of quality for consumers.

Get Your Company Name Right

After a decade of spam emails, consumers have developed a sixth sense for spotting inconsistencies on websites. Check that your company name, your domain name and your website title tag are all spelt the same way, and that you always spell your company the same way in web copy. It may sound like a small point but it means a lot to your customers.

Tell Your Customers That You Care About Their Security

In May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect across the UK. This gives your customers the right to know what personal data of theirs you collect, where it is held, and how long you hold it for. Get in the know about the GDPR and have a Data Protection Policy drawn up. Then publish it on your website, so your customers know that you care about their personal information.

Show Your Customers That You’re Trustworthy

Visitors to your website are looking for ways to know they can trust you. Remember that they’ve never met you, so they make they’re decision from what they see. Display any seals of accreditation you have from regulatory or trades bodies, and regularly publish updated reviews from your customers.

Avoid Pop-Ups

Pop-ups have a very bad reputation online, especially if they’re asking for visitors to provide personal information. When requesting a name and email, do it discretely and be sure to let your visitors know how you’ll use their personal information – not doing so could land you with a fine from the ICO!

Imagefix Promotes Online Security

As an experienced web designer we know how important security is to small businesses when they’re competing online. We include a comprehensive security service in our design packages, which includes:

  • SSL certificate
  • Data protection policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Plugin updates
  • Anti-malware/anti-virus on all websites
  • Firewall protection

 If you have any concerns about the security of your website call us straight away; we can make immediate improvements for you.

If you’re looking for advice or guidance on improving the security signals you give off to your visitors, get in touch on 1525 715608 and find out how we can help.