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Local Service Ads

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Google LSAs help to generate new clients for Legal Solicitors.

Attract & Convert Local Clients with Google Local Service Ads!

Imagefix simplifies LSA success for Solicitors. No clicks, no fees. Just qualified leads.

Pay when you get results

Get rid of click fees and focus on qualified leads contacting you directly through your ad

Local business outreach

LSAs target locals in your area who are searching for legal solicitation services.

Google Guarantee badge

You get a Google Guarantee badge to tell customers that Google trusts your business.

Full ad management

We take full control of your ad campaign to get you genuine leads and turn them into customers.

Local Service Ads for Solicitors

Get started with Local Service Ads for your Solicitors firm today.

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4 key benefits for Solicitors.

See the amazing benefits you get with Local Services Ads:

1. Achieve Maximum Visibility for Your Company

Local Services Ad for Solicitors boost your online presence, positioning your business at the top of local search results. This prime placement means you get the best exposure, encouraging those in need of legal solicitors to reach out via calls or messages. Our services include enhancing your profile, delivering monthly campaign reports, and collaborating on innovative strategies to help you achieve your goals.

2. Earn your Google Certified Trust Badge

To get your solicitors firm featured on Local Services Ads, it must go through a verification process that involves submitting important business documents. Imagefix, as an LSA partner, can ensure a quick and successful completion of this process. Once done, your company receives a green checkmark and the "GOOGLE GUARANTEE" label, proving that Google trusts your services.

3. Pay When You Get a Lead

Compared to PPC, LSAs operate on a lead-based payment system. You pay for actual leads, not just website clicks. This not only guarantees effective outcomes but also boosts cost-effectiveness, leading to a higher return on investment.

4. We Can Access Your Ad Data in Real-Time

The Imagefix team can monitor calls, their duration, geographic locations, and the cost per call. This essential information provides us with the insights to make informed, data-driven choices, strengthening your marketing strategy.

Which Solicitors can use Google Local Services Ads?

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Imagefix are a reliable partner in optimising local visibility and lead generation for Solicitors.

What are Google Local Service Ads for Solicitors?

Local Service Ads for Solicitors help people seeking the legal services you provide find you on Google. Customers in your area will see your ad, and you’ll only pay if they call or message you from the ad.

How do I get started?

Call Imagefix right away to find out if your solicitors firm is eligible for Google Local Services Ads.

Our support team can assist with both initial set up and ongoing ad optimisation.

Sounds perfect. But how much does it cost?

A significant advantage for qualifying businesses is that you only need to pay when an authentic lead contacts you. This is a significant departure from the typical Pay Per Click model.

The cost of leads vary by industry, but usually fall between £10 and £30 per lead. We can flag a lead as spam or fraudulent, and if Google agrees, they’ll credit a refund to your account. Please note that partnering with an agency like Imagefix requires a monthly administration fee, covering the intricate setup, maintenance, reporting, and optimisation of your campaign.


Need help getting started with Local Service Ads?

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What our clients think.

Check out what some of our lovely customers have to say about our award winning services.

Kevin Sheridan
Kevin Sheridan
London Underpinning
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It has been a really busy year. Lots of leads came in and I’m really, really pleased with it so thank you for all your help and hard work. The website is on the front page of Google for all the key phrases.
David Doyle
David Doyle
Oakley Studios
Read More
Excellent service for SEO & website building/fixing, we are really pleased with the amount of enquiries coming through which have boosted our web presence and ranking with Google. Highly recommendedExcellent
Lorraine Seekings
Lorraine Seekings
Liquid Screed Direct
Read More
We have been working with Imagefix for the past 18 months. They built our website and now manage our marketing. They have always been very accommodating and professional on all levels. It is a pleasure working with them. Thank you for everything you do and continue to do for our marketing requirements.
Mara Eusebietti
Mara Eusebietti
AgeChecked Ltd
Read More
I worked with Imagefix for about 1 year and it has been a great experience. The team is very professional and very knowledgeable. We used them for SEO and general website support to writing content for our website and social media channels, highly recommended!
Iain Corby
Iain Corby
The Age Verification Providers Association
Read More
Garry and his team do a first-class job designing, developing and maintaining our website. Urgent requests are turned around in record time and day-to-day requirements are dealt with almost as swiftly. A particularly helpful feature of their most recent update was a 15 minute video explaining how I could make minor adjustments myself which was not only useful but also demonstrates that they are not simply trying to charge every penny possible but are happy to teach their clients to help themselves when it’s more appropriate.
Claire Koryczan
Claire Koryczan
Imagine Beyond
Read More
Excellent experience with the Imagefix team. Their creativity, website design and responsiveness were second to none and so appreciated. Imagefix are brilliant to collaborate with, and they deliver fantastic results. Highly recommended.