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Local Service Ads for Trade Leads

Local Service Ads for Trade Leads

Tired of Wasting Money on Ads That Don’t Work?

If you’re a tradesperson, you know the feeling: the frustration of sinking cash into advertising that doesn’t land you solid leads. Website traffic is up, but no one’s actually calling! You’re busy out on jobs, and there’s no time for you to become marketing expert as well.

What if there was a way to tap directly into customers who are ready to hire right now? That’s where Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) come in, delivering trade leads directly to your business.

Here’s How LSAs Work

Sarah lives and works in Clapham. When she wakes up to a flooded kitchen, panic sets in! Who can she call at 6 am with a burst pipe emergency? Her search for “emergency plumber London” brings up hundreds of options – but it’s the listings right at the top with “Google Guaranteed” badges and instant phone numbers that catch her eye. These are LSAs. Within minutes, she’s got a trusted, verified plumber on the way. Crisis averted!

LSAs are Your Shortcut to a Top Google Ranking

That’s right, LSAs appear at the top of Google search results specifically for people who are looking to hire someone like you, in your area. Let’s say someone has a jammed garage door in Birmingham. “Garage Door Repairs Birmingham” goes into Google, and boom – there you are, alongside a few trusted competitors, with clickable phone numbers for instant access. That’s the power of LSAs – showing up when it matters most.

Hold Up, Isn’t That Just Like Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

PPC is still a valuable tool, but LSAs have some sweet advantages for tradespeople:

The Power of the Google Verified Badge

Signing up for LSAs comes with an extra layer of trust: the Google Verified badge. This isn’t handed out lightly. To earn it, here’s what’s involved:

Once those steps are complete, it’s official – your green Google Guaranteed badge appears alongside your ads.

Why Customers Love the Google Guarantee

It’s more than just a badge. In case anything goes unexpectedly wrong with a job booked through your LSA, the customer might be eligible for reimbursement of up to £1500. For clients, that level of security is a game-changer during stressful home repairs.

Reassurance without Additional Cost

This built-in customer guarantee won’t cost your business a thing! There are some important things to remember though: Only legitimate issues directly related to your workmanship might qualify for reimbursement. £1500 is a lifetime limit per customer. This helps deter potential abuse of the system. And Google holds the final say. Even if a client seeks a refund, you have a chance to offer a solution. 

Boosting Your Reputation

In a crowded market, that little green badge of guarantee is a competitive edge. Studies show that businesses with verified trust signals see a boost in conversion rates of 20% or more. This translates into more leads and ultimately, more jobs for tradespeople like you.

Why It Could Be Smart to Outsource Your LSAs

LSAs are Your Shortcut to a Top Google Ranking

Sure, LSAs sound great, but the real world has deadlines, right? Setting up and maintaining LSAs the right way is a skillset all its own. That’s where the Imagefix team steps in.

Think of us as your expert partner for this powerful tool:

  • Hassle-free setup. We’ll fast-track the Google verification process so you can start getting leads.
  • Tailored Strategy. We optimise your ads for the services you offer and the area you cover, keeping your phone ringing.
  • Ongoing Optimisation. Data doesn’t lie – we regularly analyse the data from your LSA performance to keep things working seamlessly.

Get the Edge: Why Managed LSAs Are Your Secret Weapon

While your competitors might still be tweaking website SEO, you’re out on the job! Imagefix puts the power of Google’s top-ranking spot at your fingertips while you focus on what you do best. This translates into:

  • More qualified leads. Stop chasing cold leads. We target actual customers looking for your skills.
  • Time saved. The digital marketing game has changed. Don’t waste time, outsource what isn’t your specialty.
  • Beat the competition. While they’re stuck way down the SERPs, you’re snagging the prime jobs.

Which Trades Can Use Local Service Ads?

Ready to Unlock the Power of LSAs?

Our team is already working with plumbers, removals companies, electricians, and roofers. They’re enjoying the benefits of local leads that are actively searching for their services. Start capturing more qualified trade leads and see how LSAs can transform your business.

Get in touch with Imagefix today and ask about our tailored LSA management – 01525 715608