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Local Web Design

Local Web Design


Imagefix Offers Local Web Design

At Imagefix we feel very much a part of the Bedfordshire business community. We work with an amazing range of professionals, from plumbers, to property developers and printers, all at a different stages of their business development. Many of them we get to know well as we work on their web designs. And, as a consequence, our clients’ online success matters to us – we want to do our very best for them.

Providing local web design means committing to the place where you live, and the people who live and work there. We’re members of the local Chamber of Commerce because of the network of professionals they represent, but mostly our work happens by word-of-mouth. More and more, we get enquiries from people who’ve been introduced to us by a fellow professional, or who actively seek out local web designers rather than going to one of the bigger agencies.


A Design Agency in Bedford Offering Personalised Service

We know that our clients don’t just need a good looking website; they need a website that can help them to sell effectively online. The clients we work with care passionately about what they do, and their passion tends to be catching. The Imagefix design team have as their goal the creation of websites that help clients win online business as the result of effective design and SEO marketing.

 Effective Local Web Design 

Many of the businesses we work with want to build a local network initially, before extending their geographical reach. There are 5 key elements we recommend in order for their local web design to be successful:

  • Responsiveness. To gain any online presence, a website needs to work as well on phones as it does on a laptop, or desktop. A responsive website is particularly relevant if you’re building a local market as 82% of UK shoppers use a ‘near me’ search on their phones when looking for a local product or service.
  • Local Social Media. A local visitor to your website may want to check out your Facebook page for reviews, or take a look at some case studies before taking their enquiry any further. Local websites are 10 times more effective when supported by lively, well-maintained social media pages.
  • Google My Business. This is a service offered for local businesses. Google uses the information you enter to make your business details available to local searchers who are looking for products or services like yours. It’s absolutely free, and has a number of features that can be optimised to benefit your website.
  • SEO Bedford. When searchers are looking for local services, you want to be sure your business appears on page 1 of Google.. This can be helped along by Google My Business but it also requires local SEO.  It’s all about using keywords that reflect your geographical location, so that you’re recognised as a local provider.
  • High Quality Design. However many visitors you manage to get to your site, poor images, badly written copy, or confusing navigation will lose them within seconds. We work closely with clients to understand their customers, the sales journey, and the register required to grow visitor engagement, and keep them on your site.

 Imagefix Work With Clients Wanting Local Web Design 

Working with a local web designer is a unique experience. We spend time with all our clients, understanding how their business works. Sometimes we’ll work very closely throughout the design process, whereas others prefer a more hands-off relationship. Virtually every client has popped round to our office at some point, and all of them know they can get hold of us when they need us – and that’s what people tend to value most from local web design.

 Looking for a local web design agency in Bedford? Imagefix has built a great local reputation over the past two decades working across Bedfordshire. Call us on 01234 924859