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Marketing Trends 2022

Marketing Trends 2022

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends 2022

Marketing has been shifting its modus operandi for a few years now, but it looks like 2022 could be a game changer. The transactional marketing model, where chasing a sale underpinned every post, blog, and ad, is being replaced by marketing trends in 2022 that focus on a more personalised, experiential, and interactive experience for consumers.

Why this shift? Look at how ecommerce is evolving. At one time internet shopping was all about convenience whilst you went to the High Street for a satisfying shopping experience. Now ecommerce dominates and it’s having to step up to the plate and deliver more than financial savings and quick delivery. Consumers are looking for a conversation, guidance, expertise, and care – so how can your brand deliver all that in 2022?

5 Tips for Cresting the Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

The Imagefix digital marketing team got their heads together to think about ways your business can make an impact online in the New Year.

1. Keep Customers in the Loop

Businesses are getting much better at engaging their customers prior to a sale, but there aren’t too many post-sale conversations going on, as yet. If you’re looking for ways to differentiate your brand:

  • Let customers know how their order is progressing.
  • Ask for their feedback on the sales process so far.
  • Let them know how to make returns if they need to.

Each of the above are potential pain points for customers. By taking positive action you firm up their relationship to your brand.

2. Take a Look at LinkedIn

If you’re not already using LinkedIn for B2B, make it your New Year’s resolution to check out the much-improved LinkedIn platform. For years LinkedIn has been considered a clunky, difficult social media experience but in 2021 it took itself to task and started growing its users and engagements. New features include video meetings, events, polls and stories made up of images, videos and text that last for just 24 hours.

3. Everything Happens On Mobile

In 2021 mobile ownership in the UK reached 62.3 million. 81% of users surveyed said that they used their phones to search for goods and services. If you’re an ecommerce business your customers are finding you on their mobiles. There are 2 actions you need to take in 2022 if you haven’t already done so:

  1. Check that your website is optimised for mobile use – this means that your website looks and functions as well on a mobile as it does on a desktop or laptop.
  2. Register for a Google My Business account – this is free, and it ensures that you come up in local mobile searches.

4. Produce Content That Has Value For Your Customers

High-quality content remains at the heart of any digital marketing strategy for 2022. Want to create experiences for your customers? You need a content creator who knows how to do that. Looking for a process that builds trust with your customers? Invest in quality content creation.

Whether it’s video-based, social media posting, or a newsletter that goes out by email, you need consistent quality, engaging prose, and sparkling storytelling to keep old customers and develop relationships with new ones.

5. Make Sustainability Part of What You Do

2021 was the year of COP 26, and COP 27 will take place in 2022. Individuals, businesses, and governments know that we all have to collaborate in order to lower carbon emissions. Make your business one that helps customers to do this:

  • Demonstrate your carbon neutral/net zero credentials.
  • Donate a percentage of all profits to a chosen climate change organisation.
  • Show customers how buying/using your product helps with carbon emissions.

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