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New E-commerce Website for Amersham, Buckinghamshire Company

E-commerce Website for Amersham, Buckinghamshire Company

E-commerce Website for Amersham, Buckinghamshire Company Brings Out the Playful Side of Imagefix

We always enjoy working with new, quirky and innovative products, and our latest website provided the perfect opportunity for us to do so. Buddies create flavoursome toothpaste for young children and sell it as part of a rechargeable electric toothbrush kit. The product is child-friendly, and there are lots of great features such as a two-minute timer, a gentle vibrating motion for tiny teeth, and a toothbrush that doubles as a night light.

Buddies have a great idea for marketing their product range; customers can buy directly from the website, and if you like the concept of a toothpaste designed for kids’ teeth and taste buds, you can support a crowdfunding campaign to get the next great flavour launched.

Imagefix Create a Website Which Reflects Buddies Brand Values

The Imagefix design team always start a project by sitting down with clients and getting to know their product inside out. It’s only by understanding both the product and the brand that we are able to create an appropriate and effective website. In this case, the design needed to be fun, quirky and colourful, in keeping with the target users of the toothpaste and toothbrush kit, but it also needed to demonstrate to discerning parents that the product was unique, carefully researched, and worth the money. Buddies wanted an e-commerce site that encouraged visitors to both buy and/or crowdfund the new product.

 A WooCommerce & WordPress Solution

Our WordPress E-commerce designs tend to utilise WooCommerce, which we found to be a perfect platform for customisation and can be inspired by our client’s great ideas and products. With Buddies, we created a bright and colourful site that put the product centre stage. We used clear, high-resolution images of the toothbrush kits, and the innovative toothpaste flavours, and kept text to a minimum. Imagefix understands the importance of making an impact with strong messaging, so we told the parents the important facts about:

  • the support dentists are giving to this product,
  • the features that make it unique,
  • the reasons why your kids will love it,
  • how they’ll learn good brushing habits that will last a lifetime.


This was a complex idea, and crowdfunding is still pretty new to many UK consumers. The website offers clear information about the product, clear choices about the ways in which you can buy or help to develop it, and a fun visitor experience if you’re accessing the site.

If you are looking for an E-commerce design, let us work with you to ensure your business is a success. We have worked with companies around the Buckinghamshire area including High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Chesham and Buckingham Call today on 01525 715 608 for a free quote!