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New Font Trends for 2024

New Font Trends for 2024

How Will the New Year Look?

Exploring the new font trends for 2024 is like Christmas come early for web designers. Why the excitement? Because it gives us a sense of where design is going as we head into new year. In a similar way to the fashion industry, these trends act as mirrors reflecting our cultural direction and capturing the prevailing mood of 2024.

While it’s important to remember that these insights are speculative at this stage, rather like predictions in a crystal ball, we keep an eye on the industry’s leading design experts. This means we’re able to stay ahead of the curve and do our own research into the fonts poised to take centre stage in the coming 12 months.

Taking a Look Back at the Font Trends in 2023

Taking a Look Back at the Font Trends in 2023

There was a huge cinematic influence on the fonts that were most popular with designers in 2023. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that cinema audiences were returning en-masse after a couple of years when home viewing dominated.

The big players were fonts influenced by – you guessed it – the year’s blockbusters: Barbie, Oppenheimer, and Asteroid City. We saw lots of pink being used, 3D fonts being introduced and vintage typefaces everywhere. There was distinctly dramatic feel to the fonts that found their way into social media and web design.

What Fonts to Watch Out For in 2024

There were a lot of novelty fonts around in 2023; it looks like the coming year will favour more classic typography. The keynote is elegance, delicacy, and a lightness of touch. Here are the top 5 fonts we’re keeping an eye on for 2024:

1. Sans Serif With Character

We love the sans serif family of fonts; a collection defined by its clean, refined lines, offering not only readability but also visual pleasure. It seems, as we peruse 2024 predictions, that sans serifs will be prominent. Mark Richardson from Superfried cautions, though, that too much sans might immerse clients in a sea of uniformity. He proposes sans serifs with a distinct attitude or character—injecting a breath of uniqueness into the familiar elegance of sans-serif fonts.

Sans Serif With Character

Font: Mendl Sans

2. The Emergence of K-Fonts

The Emergence of K-Fonts

Font: Bubblegum Pop

Following in the footsteps of K-pop, K-culture, and K-drama, the K-wave, or South Korean influence is now taking up residence the realm of fonts. Brands are increasingly turning to Korean trends as their inspiration for their campaigns and websites, drawn by the unique fusion of styles emanating from this cultural phenomenon.

According to design writer Grace Fussell, the visual language of this emerging trend encapsulates a captivating blend of retro, anime, and VR aesthetics. Describing the essence of K-fonts, Fussell says that they strike a balance between the nostalgic charm of 70s vintage typography and the sleek, contemporary polish of the digital era.

3. 3D Fonts Take Centre Stage in 2024

As we move towards an era of Augmented Reality (AR), 3D fonts are poised to become a major design trend in 2024. These immersive and interactive typography elements are set to transform the way we interact with visual content, making headlines more captivating, packaging more engaging, and websites more immersive.

3D fonts offer a unique blend of visual appeal and interactivity, creating a sense of depth and dimension that traditional flat fonts simply cannot achieve. This tactile and playful approach is particularly well-suited for digital environments, where users can interact with the text in ways that were never before possible.

3D Fonts Take Centre Stage in 2024

Font: 210 Supersize Black 3D

  • Book Launches. Imagine opening a physical book and seeing the title in 3D, or flipping through pages with text that pops out from the background. These immersive experiences will not only capture the attention of readers but also create a lasting impression of the book itself.
  • Packaging. Brands are creating 3D packaging features, like a box with text that appears to be carved into the surface, or a label that stands out from the background with a 3D effect.
  • Marketing Campaigns. Look out for interactive billboards where text can be manipulated by passersby, or social media posts that come to life with 3D typography.
  • 3D Fonts for Websites. Think navigation menus that appear to float above the page, or headlines that change perspective as you scroll. These immersive elements will create a more dynamic and interactive user experience.

4. New Baroque Fonts for a Touch of Decadence

New Baroque Fonts for a Touch of Decadence

Font: FoglihtenNo07

Extravagance is poised to reign supreme in 2024. Ornate baroque fonts introduce a touch of decadence to beauty, retail, and lifestyle brands. Their intricate flourishes and embellishments lend an air of grandeur and exclusivity, making them ideal for conveying a sense of prestige and distinction.

To complement the extravagance of these fonts, consider pairing them with the vibrant energy of retro neon. This dynamic combination creates an irresistible visual feast that is sure to capture attention.

The synergy between extravagant fonts and retro neon is particularly effective when paired with fashion photography. The intricate details of the fonts lend an air of sophistication to fashion images, while the neon adds a touch of playful extravagance that complements the trendsetting nature of fashion.

5. The Rise of Condensed Serif Fonts

Condensed serif fonts are poised to make a significant impact in 2024. These slender and sophisticated typefaces, characterised by their narrower width compared to their standard counterparts, exude an understated elegance that is perfectly suited for fashion, food, and lifestyle brands.

Unlike the blocky and utilitarian appearance of condensed sans-serif fonts, condensed serifs retain the delicate flourishes and subtly curved lines that define serif fonts, adding a touch of refinement and sophistication. This delicate balance between narrowness and elegance makes condensed serifs particularly appealing for brands seeking to project a mature and refined image.

The Rise of Condensed Serif Fonts

Font: Fino Sans

Despite their inherent elegance, condensed serifs also possess a practical advantage. Their narrower width allows for more characters to fit on a line of text, making them ideal for headlines, packaging, and other applications where space is at a premium. This practical aspect aligns perfectly with the contemporary trend of minimalist design, where functionality and aesthetics seamlessly converge.

At Imagefix we take our font choices very seriously, whether we’re designing a new website, a physical brochure, or a social media platform. Call us today to find out how we can increase your brand’s impact through the fonts we use.