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Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford

Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford

Looking for PPC Advertising With a Solid Success Rate?

Pay Per Click campaigns are a great way for businesses to grow sales quickly and generate immediate interest around new products. Also known as ‘paid search marketing’, it’s a way increase the visibility of your business online. And there’s no waiting around; PPC gives you instant exposure at the top of the search engine listings. Want to find out more about pay per click advertising in Bedford?


How Does Pay Per Click Adverting in Bedford Work?

Pay per click adverts appear on social media platforms, and in search engines such as Google Advertisers don’t pay to position their adverts, but they do pay each time someone clicks on the advert.

The amount you pay each time your PPC ad is clicked on is determined by a bidding process for the keywords included in your ad. Suppose you’re a florist, for example. You may want to use the words ‘flower shop’, so that whenever someone searches Google for that phrase, your ad will show up. The advertiser will need to enter an auction for the phrase, and the sponsored link will go to the highest bidder.

Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford

Thinking You Might Need Help With PPC?

If you’re thinking pay per click advertising sounds complicated, you’re absolutely right. Remember, what’s on offer are the top online advertising spots, so newcomers to pay per click advertising are up against huge businesses with enormous budgets. It’s easy to lose a lot of money whilst you’re learning the system.

For any Bedford start-ups or SMEs that are just dipping their toes in the PPC advertising market, we would recommend outsourcing your pay per click advertising in Bedford to a team that has the skills and experience to ensure success, on a budget you can afford.

How Does Imagefix Help Businesses With PPC?

The Imagefix pay per click advertising team are specialists. They work specifically on PPC campaigns, and they have many years’ experience behind them. That’s why we can offer our clients a guarantee that we will build an effective campaign, which minimises risk, and maximises their potential for success. We have a solid success rate.

Our PPC services for Bedford clients are comprehensive:

  • Keyword Research. Once we know your goals for the campaign, we find the keywords that will achieve them, at the right price.
  • Ad Creation. Using your keywords and our graphic design team, we create an eye-catching ad that will attract your target shoppers.
  • PPC Landing Page. Our web design experts create a landing page. So, when shoppers click on your ad, they’re taken to a page that offers just the info they need progress to a sale.
  • Testing. We don’t put our campaigns online cold. They’re tested to ensure that the design, copy and keyword work to attract shoppers looking for your product.
  • Monitoring. Once your ad is running, we continue to monitor it in order to optimise the success rate you achieve with your campaign.
  • Campaign Manager. You’ll be assigned a campaign manager who will report back to you at every stage.

A professionally managed pay per click advertising campaign, that’s helpful to customers and achieves sales, will get you noticed by Google. A successful campaign can result in lowered fees on clicks, which provides you with more profit.

Ready to Start Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign?

PPC isn’t a simple process but it’s a great way to drive traffic to your website. And you’ll be attracting clicks from online shoppers who are ready to buy. At Imagefix we recommend a PPC budget to our clients, based on our knowledge of the sector, but we will never exceed the budget a client stipulates.

All our pay per click advertising in Bedford is goal driven, and the results are measurable. If you would like to talk to our PPC team about setting up a campaign, call us today on 01525 715608