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Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford

Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford


Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford to get you ahead of the competition

Imagefix has been providing website PPC advertising services in Bedford and elsewhere for over a decade now. Being based at Wrest Park, just along the A6 in Silsoe, We think of Bedford as a community we belong to and serve. Many of our clients come to us through referrals from satisfied clients and many of them consider us their regular ‘web and marketing go-to guys’. Having built our business on word of mouth we are proud of the reputation we hold for being skilled, experienced and friendly – but above all professional website developers, designers and online marketeers, who you can rely on for all your print and website requirements. 

Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to advertise your business and draw in customers through online adverts quickly. Imagefix know just how to get your PPC campaigns off to a good start, by improving engagement and targeting customers through keyword optimisation. 

 Imagefix have the expertise to manage successful Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford

google adword campaigns bedfordWe know just how to give your paid searches the boost they need. Through local, national and global keyword identification and analysis, we can optimise your paid search adverts into engaging and targeted campaigns, bringing you greater return on investment and higher click-through rates. We can ensure that your website will reduce the bounce rate by making sure that the page that the advert links to isn’t just a homepage to your website, but a page that will entice the potential client to enquire for more information, and make a purchase. We know the importance of call to actions, where the ad will be shown and even when the best time for the ad to be displayed should be based on the services or product you provide.

 Imagefix have helped beyond measure. They have helped with our marketing requirements as well as designing our professional website. They are extremely kind, honest and friendly. Their integrity matched Lead Forward’s integrity. We have nothing but positive good words! Thank you. Lead Forward Team.

 PPC Campaigns provide quick and easy click-through access for potential customers

By paying for your advertisements to stay at the top of the Google search page, you make your business instantly visible to possible customers and drastically improve the traffic that will be clicking through to your page.imagefix PPC campaigns for Bedford

However, it’s not as easy as starting a campaign and watching the results build up. A successful Adwords campaign requires management and constant keyword optimisation to make sure the adverts are relevant and popular within Google, using key phrases and words to match the key terms that your customers are searching for, ensuring you are relevant to more searches and making yourself appear to a greater audience. By using Imagefix to manage a Pay Per Click Campaign we also ensure your money is spent effectively by ensuring the keywords are highly specific and likely to convert. 

 Whether you are looking for Pay Per Click Advertising in Bedford or any other kind of online marketing service, let us work with you to create a unique PPC Campaign that will ensure your business is a success. Call now on 01525 715608