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Questions About SEO

Questions About SEO

Top 6 Questions Clients Ask About SEO Services

Wondering whether an SEO agency is the right investment for your business? Right now, marketing budgets are tight, so you need to know that SEO will bring you the returns your looking for. At Imagefix we always try to be very clear with our clients when they ask us questions about SEO:

Improves your online visibility Increase traffic to your site overnight
Increases organic traffic to your site Give you a Page 1 ranking in the 1st month
Ensures a great experience for visitors to your site Use secret techniques to get fast results
Improves brand awareness Provide cheap marketing
Allows you to track results of SEO activity Give you inside info on the Google algorithm

The truth about SEO services is that they are an ongoing process on the part of your chosen agency. In an ideal world, you’ll develop a professional relationship based on trust, recognising that SEO is always a moving target, requiring ongoing vigilance, research, and skills.

The Questions About SEO Our Clients Ask Us

We like being kept on our toes by our clients; it ensures that they’re getting the very best of our SEO team. So, we’ve collated the 6 questions that we get asked most regularly. If you’re wondering which SEO agency to go with, these would be great starter questions to fire at them.

1. How Long Will It Take To See SEO Results?

We’d love to say ‘no time at all’ but that’s not true. Instead, we say that it depends on the business and their package. If they’re already ranking on Page 2, or 3 and their website has been optimised, then a few months with produce tangible results. If, however, you’re starting from scratch, it could be anywhere up to 12-18 months.

2. Where Do You Start?

A website audit gives SEO agencies the information they need to develop their strategy going forward. And the audit report provides clear evidence of the actions needed to improve your SEO.

3. What Does Your SEO Agency Do?

There are SEO agencies out there that carry out an audit, provide a list of recommendations and hand them over to their client to implement. That’s not our approach at Imagefix. We let you know what our plan of action is, provide any clarification the client may need, and then we do the work necessary. This may include:

4. I Want To Rank Locally, Can SEO Do This?

Ranking locally can have a huge impact on local businesses. It involves a different kind of SEO campaign which begins with Google My Business, and incorporates the use of local directories, geographical keywords, competitor analysis, citations, social media, customer reviews and SEO enriched content.

5. What’s Your Sector Experience?

This is a tough one, especially if you really want to work with a particular client but you haven’t worked in their sector before. At Imagefix we’re always honest, but we will offer examples of sectors that we have worked with, that overlap or provide relevant experience. Clients know when you’re bluffing, so we avoid it at all costs.

6. How Do I Know How You’re Doing?

Excellent question and, thanks to Google Analytics, one which can be answered comprehensively. An SEO agency should set clear goals, create conversion tracking in Google Analytics, and offer regular reports showing you the rate of conversions on your goals. The evidence is there in black and white, so you’ll know if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Do you have any questions about SEO that you’d like to put to us? Call the Imagefix SEO team today on 01525 715608