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Researching Keywords for SEO

Researching Keywords for SEO

A Guide to Effective Keyword Research

As digital marketing continues to evolve, at an ever-more dizzying pace, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remains a constant, and at its core, it’s all about one thing: keywords. Keywords are the keys to driving relevant traffic to your website and boosting its search engine ranking. In this article, we’ll explore why keyword research is the cornerstone of effective SEO, and why it’s vital for every business aiming to succeed online.


About Imagefix

The past two decades have been defined by the rise of the keyword, and that’s how long Imagefix has been grappling with this thorny subject. We provide a range of SEO services for business large and small across the UK. Our Search Engine Optimisation specialists include keyword researchers who work exclusively in this area. We have them to thank for the tips and recommendations throughout this blog.

The Power of Keywords

Keyword research is all about finding the words and phrases that your target customers use when searching online for your product or service. Keyword research is the process of making sure that the words used on a website match what users are searching for. It’s like creating signposts so that users can easily find the information they’re looking for when they search online (this is often called “search intent”).

Since keyword research is crucial for creating content that’s easy to find on search engines, it’s essential to understand exactly how it works in order to get the most out of your site optimisation. If your keyword research is detailed and accurate, users will find exactly what they are searching for. This is what leads to engagement and ultimately conversions.

Importance of Keyword Research for SEO Optimisation

Keyword research is time consuming, but it provides multiple benefits which can feed in to your marketing strategy. Here are just 4 reasons why every moment spent on keyword research is well worth it:

1. Discover What People Are Searching for Online

Keyword research will provide you with valuable insights into what people are actively searching for online. This knowledge is invaluable because it provides instant feedback on the potential of your content ideas. The goal is to create content aligned with keywords that real users are using to find information. Instead of guessing what your audience wants, keyword research helps you tap into their actual search behaviour.

Image: Google Trends

1. Discover What People Are Searching for Online

2. Navigate the Competitive Landscape

Keyword research is your compass in understanding the competitive arena. Imagine you have a content idea; by conducting thorough keyword research, you can identify the domains already competing for the same keywords. This insight not only helps you gauge the competition but also assesses the difficulty of securing a top spot-on search engines like Google. It’s a critical step in strategising your SEO efforts effectively.

3. Unearth Low Competition Opportunities

Your keyword research uncovers hidden gems—content opportunities with low competition. By targeting these keywords, you enhance your chances of attracting more visitors and organic traffic through search engines. Conversely, keyword research also reveals keywords you should steer clear of due to established domains already dominating those search terms.

seranking keyword tool

4. Fuel Your Content Creation

Keyword research is a wellspring of fresh content ideas. Sometimes, brainstorming new topics for your blog can be challenging. Fortunately, most keyword research tools offer a treasure trove of new keywords and content ideas. Keyword research tools enable you to take a look at the content your competitors are ranking for, which could spark inspiration for your own content strategy.

Image: SE Ranking

Keyword Research For Search Intent

Google has a goal, which is to organise the world’s information in order to make it accessible and useful to everyone. In order to achieve this goal, it needs a comprehensive understanding of search intent. Which comes down to understanding what a searcher is actually looking for with their search query.

What does Search Intent look like? Here is how Google breaks down search into 5 categories of intent:

Creating a Search Intent-Based Keyword Strategy

Keyword research is no longer about selecting terms you want to rank for and estimating their search volume. It now entails a deep understanding of your offering, the customer’s buying journey, and their informational needs. In essence, a search intent-based keyword strategy involves aligning your website’s visibility with what users are looking for and tailoring your approach to respond accurately by clearly understanding the nature of their intent.

Harnessing Seed Keywords for Targeted Long-Tail SEO

A seed keyword is one of the core descriptors for your product or service. If you were a fashion brand, for example, one of your seed keywords would be ‘women’s clothing’. Seed keywords are the starting point for building a comprehensive and targeted keyword strategy.

Seed keywords serve as the foundation for uncovering valuable long-tail keywords, a secret weapon in the arsenal of savvy keyword researchers. Recognising that long-tail keywords typically face less competition than their shorter counterparts, the aim is to rank for them. However, relevance is key to an effective SEO strategy.

Seed keywords play a pivotal role in maintaining that relevance. They serve as guiding stars, enabling you to effortlessly generate long-tail keywords, each connected to the original seed. This approach ensures that all your long-tail keywords harmonise with your website’s content, enhancing its organic ranking potential.

Another benefit of optimising your site for long-tail keywords is that it automatically bolsters its visibility for the seed keywords from which they sprouted. Every time you craft content aligned with a long-tail keyword, search engines perceive your site as relevant not only to that keyword but also to the core seed keyword, amplifying your website’s SEO strength.

Researching Keywords for Voice Search

Thanks to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri the option to speak our search queries is now available. More than 50% of adults now use voice search on a daily basis.

Voice queries are often conversational and longer, for example:

Best fish and chips Bradford becomes Where’s the best fish and chip shop nearby?”

DIY phone repair guide becomes How can I repair my smartphone by myself?”

Keywords for voice search, need to identify with user intent. This means looking for questions that are commonly asked about your product or service, or long-tail keywords that feel more conversational than functional.

Where to look for these keywords? There are tools designed to help with this, such as Google’s Keyword Planner, Answer the Public, and SEMrush. Voice search optimisation comes down to finding the questions your customers want answers to and optimising your content to provide clear and concise answers to these queries.

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