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Researching Keywords for SEO

Researching Keywords for SEO

Why Researching Keywords for SEO is Important for Your Website

So you’ve had a new website designed and it looks great! You’re probably having to make some difficult decisions about where to spend your budget, so why should you invest in keyword research for SEO? Won’t the quality of your site do the job for you? This is something we hear often, and we’ll always make the argument for the importance of keywords in response. Here’s why..

What do Keywords do?

Keywords are what makes it possible for people to find your site online. Using keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making sure that your website connects, or ‘speaks the same language’ as the visitors you want to attract. Search engines use keywords like a magnet that picks up people seeking products like yours and directs them to your site.

Why Researching Keywords is Important

Finding keywords for your site is like creating signposts to your product. Get the wrong ones, and your customers will go elsewhere. Imagefix has spent years developing its expertise around researching accurate keywords that convert into more visitors and more sales. Good keywords are what your customers are likely to use when searching for your product; your aim is to make it easy for them to find you.

How are Keywords Used on a Website?

When search engines first started using ‘keywords’ as a way to rank websites, there was a good deal of poor practice around their usage. Website content developers started ‘stuffing’ their copy with keywords in order to bump up their search engine ranking. The result was badly written content that no longer offered value to the reader but rather served only the SEO aspirations of the site owners.

Google has now changed the way in which it assesses keyword usage in order to rank a website. Online copy is now required to be high quality, focused and relevant; keywords are still crucial but they cannot be seen to be distorting the content or diminishing the readability. The user’s experience is now the priority and keywords are part of the service provided.

How Imagefix Research Keywords

At Imagefix we offer keyword research either as part of the development of a new website, or when we’re refreshing website content. We always start out by working closely with clients to understand their product, and – crucially – the people who will want to buy it. Through doing this we’re able to start building up a ‘buyer profile’ which then informs our online research.

We develop clients’ keywords using a range of methods:

  • Researching the words used by online visitors to find similar products.
  • Researching competitor websites.
  • Researching using specialist online keyword tools.
  • Assessing results, revising, re-assessing.

Ongoing Research for Effective Keywords

The art of effective keyword application lies in detailed research, consistent monitoring and re-alignment where necessary. Search engine ranking is all about recognising the need to refresh your website at regular intervals, and provide current and relevant content for visitors. Keyword research requires ongoing commitment, research expertise, and professional copywriting.

 Imagefix provides a complete SEO package which comprises keyword research, SEO optimisation, and ongoing keyword implementation. As with all our services we work closely with our customers to ensure that we understand your business thoroughly in order to achieve the accuracy you need to get maximum traffic to your site.