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Responsive Web Design, Built to be Google friendly

Responsive Web Design

Google Optimised Web Design

It seems these days that every Joe Bloggs and his mother can design you a website; with the rise of easy web design tools such as Go Daddy, Wix, Squarespace and the like, it has become easier than ever to do it yourself and save the perceived cost of employing a professional to do what you could attempt. But can Joe’s mum design you an ‘effective’ website? That’s the question.

Responsive web design remains a refined skill, but it’s less about coding and back-end building, and more about understanding how people use the web and what they want to see when they click through to your page for the first time. In short, good web design is about understanding the customer journey. For example, did you know that internet searches via mobile and tablet devices have overtaken those done on traditional desktop browsers?

Mobile and Tablet Friendly Design

At Imagefix, we’ve long been ahead of this trend, and ensure that all our websites are mobile and tablet friendly so that they can be viewed and navigated easily, regardless of screen size. Similarly, we ensure that all relevant calls to action are integrated into the page ‘above the fold’, meaning they are easily visible and accessible without the need to scroll or move the page.

People are more likely to interact with information if it is immediately accessible. Likewise, the loading speed of your page is another consideration. If you’ve got ten websites at the tap of a finger all offering you a similar product or service, you’re not going to waste time on the one that takes an age to open. The internet is instant, and people won’t wait for images to load or pages to refresh when they’re interacting with your site. Speed and ease of use will go a long way towards grabbing potential customers and keeping them engaged, translating research into enquiry, into buy-in.

Building an SEO Rich Website

Even if Joe’s mum is a dab hand at the actual construction of your site, what about its content? Web presence is ruled and dictated by Google, and a website’s success is dependent on good SEO rankings. SEO is again a many faceted skill set, and is sorely under-appreciated by people who are DIYing their own site. Here at Imagefix we have a wealth of experience in SEO optimisation, and know how to streamline your site’s material to best present itself to Google for maximum impact, through rich, engaging copy, backlinks, image tags, and updated content.

SEO amounts to so much more than ‘keywords’; it allows Google to search and rank your site by various search terms, lets your imagery and reviews show up on searches, and allows customers to find you through a multitude of channels. It also ensures your content stays relevant, engaging and topical to boot. We’re so confident in the power of effective SEO, that we offer a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation audit, analysing statistics and garnering search criteria to improve your site for maximum effectiveness against search engine parameters.

Don’t get us wrong – the world loves a trier, and we’re not knocking Joe’s mum’s web design credentials! But when it comes to something as important as your web presence, do you really want to leave it to chance?

If you’re looking to build, improve or expand your site, and want to ensure you’re cultivating an effective web presence, then come speak to us today, call 01525 715608 and see what a truly professional web design service can offer.