SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is key to ensuring that your website is working effectively as a marketing tool. Imagefix is an SEO agency in Bedford that specialises in attracting potential customers to our clients’ products and services. We use a range of specialist SEO skills and techniques to raise your profile in the search rankings and get you noticed online.

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    There are now over 3 billion people online, and the numbers grow every day. That’s great news for your business, but how do you get your voice heard in the clamour of the online marketplace? Imagefix’s Search Engine Optimisation is currently working to raise Bedford companies onto Page 1 of the Google Search Engine ranking. We do this by building your website’s trust, authority and relevance according to the criteria used by Google when determining rank position. This involves researching appropriate keywords for use in your website copy, clear page titles and user-friendly website design, accurate meta descriptions, and content designed to be uniquely engaging and useful for your visitors..

    6 SEO Tips for Bedford Clients

    6 SEO Tips for Bedford Clients

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s been around for 20 years now, and it’s a key element in any online marketing campaign. There are 3 ways that SEO improves your sales potential:

    1. It optimises your ranking in Search Engines such as Google or Yahoo
    2. A high Search Engine ranking increases your site’s visitor numbers
    3. SEO ensures improves your ratio of appropriate click throughs

    Your positioning in the Search Engine rankings is dependent on how well you meet SEO criteria. This is a checklist, created by Google, which determines how easy to navigate, relevant, and useful your site is for online visitors. Your adherence to these criteria is judged by web ‘crawlers’ or ‘bots’ that assess your site and rank it accordingly. The more closely you meet the criteria, the more likely that your site will appear on Page 1.

    How Can I Improve My SEO Ranking?

    This is a critical question for all website owners, and it needs to be asked regularly. Google updates its criteria frequently, so SEO is an ongoing process, rather than a one-off event. For clients wanted to make improvements in their Search Engine ranking, Imagefix has created a 6 step guide:

    1. Easy-to-Use Website Navigation

    The big brands take user navigation extremely seriously, and have whole teams dedicated to designing and testing. It’s important because SEO prioritises user experience (UX). An excellent way to test this is to recruit a friend who’s new to the website to try it out. Watch as they find their way through the site, and you’ll get a very clear indication of how well your online offering anticipates visitors’ needs, and guides them through the sales process.

    2. Mobile Friendly Websites Rank High

    Over 50% of online searches now take place on mobile devices. Website design still defaults to desktop computers, though. So you’ll need to check that your website works equally well on tablets and phones. In an ideal world, your website design will incorporate responsive (mobile friendly) features from the get-go. If you have a design that needs to be retroactively adapted, there are a number of steps you can take.

    3. How Do People Search For …?

    Online success depends on capturing the people who are searching for products like yours. That means knowing how they search. You may be using a set of keywords on your website that searchers aren’t using any longer. Or, if you’re a local provider, they may just be typing in “xxxx near me”, in which case you need to get your Google My Business account up and running, fast.

    4. Where Do Your Competitors Succeed?

    It’s a scary question, but your competitors are essential to you improving your SEO. Who’s above you in the Google rankings – especially those on the front page? Now take a long, hard look at their offering. What are they offering online visitors that you don’t. Forget whether their product is better than yours, and concentrate on the resources they provide, the keywords they focus on, and the functionality of their site.

    5. Does Your Site Load in Less than 10 Seconds?

    It’s simple to check this one – and important to take action if your site loads slowly. Your potential visitors are used to loading up Amazon, or Google instantaneously. So why would they wait for a site that’s taking more than a few seconds? One of the most common reasons for a slow loading site is large image files; check yours out, and any that are over 100kb should be resized straight away.

    6. How Relevant Is Your Content?

    Online searchers no longer want to be sold stuff indiscriminately; instead they want to be treated as an individual. Your content needs to reflect this. In place of the old sales splurge, Google is looking for content that is genuinely useful to visitors. One of the best ways to determine what content is relevant, is to find out what questions your visitors are asking about products like yours.

    Looking For Help With Your SEO?

    Getting your SEO spot on is important to your online success, and the good news is that there’s plenty of help available. If you’re looking for a detailed analysis of your website’s current SEO status, you can get a free SEO audit. This will give you a checklist of actions to raise your ranking. Imagefix Digital Marketing Agency offers a range of SEO services either at the design stage, or on existing websites. We have a great track record on SEO, and can guarantee you a Page 1 ranking in the search engines.


    SEO Company Bedford – Get yourself on the map with Imagefix

    A website without SEO is like having a shop with all the blinds pulled down. At Imagefix we make sure that potential customers know you’re open for business. We use advanced SEO techniques to raise your search engine profile, and get you noticed online.

    A completely free SEO audit for Bedford clients

    It takes just seconds to find out how your site ranks in the search engines against your competitors.

    Enter your website address and the main title/keyword of your home page. The results will be emailed to you in less than 5 minutes!


    We think highly of our local Bedford clients’ online products and we want to be sure that they are gaining the maximum online presence

    SEO company Bedford
    • We learn about your brand
    • We analyse your competitors’ websites
    • We research your website’s meta data, URLs, tags, page titles, and image names
    • We rank the compliance of your site against standards set by leading search engines
    • We make your content SEO rich
    • We optimise keywords relevant to your product
    • We increase the ratings for your product
    • We use all appropriate techniques to drive more traffic to your site.
    Working with Imagefix was great. The level of service was exceptional, they really understood my brand and delivered good creative work across a range of different areas. Highly recommended!Claire Koryczan
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    Paid searches provide quick and easy click-through access for potential customers

    Let Imagefix improve your pay-per-click campaign to bring you quicker results and improved ROI. Our Google Adwords Paid Search Fixer turns your paid search adverts into focused campaigns, designed to target and engage customers. Getting your adverts to appear at the top of a search page is a great start – but at Imagefix we know we can do better. We use local, national and global keyword identification and analysis to ensure those adverts are matched to search terms used by your potential customers, so they can find their way directly to you.




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