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And How Does Imagefix Help Dunstable Businesses?

Imagefix is a design and marketing agency that helps companies create their brand identity, grow their online presence and convert more leads.

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Imagefix began in 2006 with Garry West and Tina Loan combining their expertise in marketing and web design to provide services across the region. Now we’re an award-winning brand with a team of digital specialists supporting local businesses across Bedfordshire, and national clients across the UK. A lot has changed, but our passion to provide creative online excellence remains the same.

SEO is all about making your website supremely Google-friendly.

Do you need a website that’s also an effective online marketing tool, working 24/7 on your behalf? That’s what SEO marketing is all about. Most Imagefix clients see their website traffic and subsequent enquiries increase by over 100% within 4-6 months of us starting work with them.

Our SEO strategy includes:

  1. Website optimisation, using a blend of technical fixes and keyword research, to ensure your site is ‘Google Friendly’.
  2. SEO enriched content – blogs and pages – that strengthen your online impact and reach.
  3. PPC campaigns that work fast to drive targeted traffic to your website using SEO keywords.
Imagefix helps Businesses to amplify their online presence with SEO expertise. Want to grow a local market? Or develop an international presence? We know how to make it happen.

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Imagefix Works With Dunstable Businesses on SEO.

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How Imagefix helps you increase visitors to your website:

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We apply SEO techniques, using keyword research, specific to your market-reach and demographic, and use on-site technical fixes to achieve the best results in Google for our clients.

We understand how visitors are using your website using data-analysis, and this helps us improve their experience, and increase your chances of converting leads into sales.


Servicing the Following Areas.

Bedford • Leighton Buzzard • Luton • Milton Keynes • Soulbury • Wing • Stanbridge • Toddington • Hockliffe • Houghton Regis • Sundon • Caddington • Kensworth • Lilley • Hexton • Harlington • Mentmore • Pitstone • Barton-le-clay

6 SEO Tips for Dunstable Clients.

Businesses need to make sure their website a great resource for potential customers. Here’s 6 tips to immediately improve your search engine ranking:

50% of searches are made on mobiles. This means that every website needs to display responsively on all devices. You can check if your website does this by testing your site on your mobile, a desktop and a tablet. If it’s hard to read, or the formatting gets lost, you’ll need some help to make it responsive.

You want visitors to buy from you first, rather than that of your competitors. One of the best ways of doing this is to analyse out how they search. For example, someone looking for plastering may use the search term ‘Plastering services near me’ to find a relevant site. If that’s the case, you need to be using Google Business Profile to optimise your website for local searches.

Google rewards sites that answer the questions their customers ask. If you sell stone floors, a customer might ask: “What is the cheapest stone floor?”. Your website should answer this in the form of an FAQ, blog, or landing page. you need to create copy that serves your customers.

Which of your competitors are gaining the most online traffic? Analyse their site to work out what they’re doing right. Your competition is a great foundation to start boosting your own SEO marketing. Are your competitors offering more useful information, more attractive web design, or clearer copy? Once you know, you can improve your own website.

User experience (UX) is a big part of SEO. Test out how good your UX is by asking a friend that’s new to your business to look at your your website. Can they see right away what you’re selling? Is it clear how you can purchase the product or services? Does your website anticipate your customer’s needs? Does it guide them effectively through the process?

This is simple, but crucial. Visitors will not tolerate waiting around for your site to load on their device. On average, a site takes 22 seconds to load, and most users will click off a page after a 3 second delay. If your site’s slow to load it could be caused by images and videos with large file sizes. Check out your media library, and reduce any image sizes that exceed 80-100kb.

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Search Engine Optimisation FAQs.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, improves your website authority and visibility in search engines. It helps boost your organic traffic and sales and can eventually get you onto the front page of search engine results. This can be done by:

  • Creating landing pages.
  • Writing blogs and useful content.
  • Making sure your metadata is optimised.
  • Using the correct keywords across your site.
  • Linking to external websites and internally across your site.
  • Building backlinks to your website.

SEO is a lengthy process, which doesn’t provide immediate results. If your company has a solid SEO strategy in place, it can take a minimum of 3 – 9 months to see any noticeable change to your online traffic (depending on your business sector).

Keywords are any phrase/term used by consumers when searching online. An example of a keyword could be “how to make a cake”. Keywords are used to optimise website content for pages and blogs. They help search engines to match content with search engine queries. 

Use keywords across your site, but don’t over-optimise, as this can create red flags for Google and in turn, harm your search results ranking.

Google uses over 200 ‘ranking factors’ to dictate where your website will rank online, based on its authority and the relevance of your content. For SEO to work well, your website must be optimised head-to-toe with keywords/phrases that searchers use when searching for your products, contain links, backlinks, up-to-date content, and well-designed pages adapted for all devices.

Search engines need to see that your content is a valuable resource for specific search queries, and that your website is seen as a trustworthy source of information.

If you’re aiming to rank highly and be visible in search engines, as to increase your website traffic and conversions, then yes, you do. Search Engine Marketing, when done correctly, allows your website to rank well in search engines – ahead of your competitors. As a result, your website is more visible and easier to find.  Without SEO, potential customers won’t be able to see your website – even after they’ve enter the relevant terms into Google.

In short, yes.

However, although it sounds tempting to tackle your website SEO by yourself, Imagefix always recommend outsourcing your Search Engine Marketing to experts with broad knowledge on how SEO works.

To be able to hold a page one position, Search Engine Optimisation requires extensive time, planning, thorough keyword research, and technical skills.

Although SEO and PPC both generate traffic via similar principles, they do work in different ways:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) creates a website ready for Google which, over time, makes more consistent appearances in search results and subsequently ranks higher in search engines. SEO is an ‘organic’ marketing strategy which means it doesn’t cost you anything, but it does require a substantial investment in time and resources to achieve the best results.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) drives traffic to your website a lot faster than SEO. It can be quickly set up, and starts to generate traffic for your website immediately. You only pay for Paid Search ads when someone clicks on your advert or calls your number.

For the best results, businesses should balance a long-term SEO strategy with targeted Paid Search ads.

What our clients think.

Check out what some of our lovely customers have to say about our award winning services.

Diamond Garage Doors
Diamond Garage Doors
Read More
So glad we made the switch to you guys, honestly. You have all been great. Thank you so much.
Kevin Sheridan
Kevin Sheridan
London Underpinning
Read More
It has been a really busy year. Lots of leads came in and I’m really, really pleased with it so thank you for all your help and hard work. The website is on the front page of Google for all the key phrases.
David Doyle
David Doyle
Oakley Studios
Read More
Excellent service for SEO & website building/fixing, we are really pleased with the amount of enquiries coming through which have boosted our web presence and ranking with Google. Highly recommendedExcellent
Lorraine Seekings
Lorraine Seekings
Liquid Screed Direct
Read More
We have been working with Imagefix for the past 18 months. They built our website and now manage our marketing. They have always been very accommodating and professional on all levels. It is a pleasure working with them. Thank you for everything you do and continue to do for our marketing requirements.
Mara Eusebietti
Mara Eusebietti
AgeChecked Ltd
Read More
I worked with Imagefix for about 1 year and it has been a great experience. The team is very professional and very knowledgeable. We used them for SEO and general website support to writing content for our website and social media channels, highly recommended!
Iain Corby
Iain Corby
The Age Verification Providers Association
Read More
Garry and his team do a first-class job designing, developing and maintaining our website. Urgent requests are turned around in record time and day-to-day requirements are dealt with almost as swiftly. A particularly helpful feature of their most recent update was a 15 minute video explaining how I could make minor adjustments myself which was not only useful but also demonstrates that they are not simply trying to charge every penny possible but are happy to teach their clients to help themselves when it’s more appropriate.
Claire Koryczan
Claire Koryczan
Imagine Beyond
Read More
Excellent experience with the Imagefix team. Their creativity, website design and responsiveness were second to none and so appreciated. Imagefix are brilliant to collaborate with, and they deliver fantastic results. Highly recommended.
Marc Masey
Marc Masey
Simply Plumbing
Read More
Superb service with great results. A digital marketing company that actually delivers what they promise unlike so many. I truly can’t recommend enough.