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SEO Services in Bedfordshire

SEO Services in Bedfordshire

Imagefix Provide SEO in Bedfordshire


Search engine optimisation, or more popularly known as SEO, is the process of making your website relevant to the subject a user has searched for on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. This can be done in many different ways, the most important being the keyword research so you know what your target audience is searching for. If all aspects of SEO are done correctly then you can expect you website to display higher on the ranking, and maybe even on the first page of a search engine!

Internet traffic grows daily which makes things harder for smaller businesses to reach a higher rank on a search engine results page, this is because there are a number of businesses all competing for the first page, or even the number 1 spot. Imagefix offer a range of effective tailored SEO solutions which will get your business noticed:

  • We get to know your unique brand
  • We research your competitors
  • We investigate your website’s URLs, meta data, page titles, tags and image names
  • We rate your website’s compliance against leading search-engine standards
  • We enhance your existing content
  • We optimise keywords, whilst retaining your unique brand
  • We ensure you achieve high ratings for your product
  • We start driving more customers to your site

 Target Market

Our first step of creating an successful SEO strategy is to understand your target market, by determining the specific demographic or group of people that you wish to target. This can be achieved by researching your existing client base and picking out the core details which determine your market. Examples of this could include location, gender, or even the type of business/service provided.

local seoLocal SEO Services

Local SEO is an extremely effective form of online marketing, it help businesses to promote their services locally. Google, Bing and other search engines now pay even greater focus on local business listings. If you’re a carpenter covering the Bedfordshire region for instance, you’ll want to be found on the first page when someone searches for ‘Carpenters Bedfordshire‘ on the net. Local SEO for small businesses is a highly important aspect for selling products that your business offers and targets clients within your local region, typically not to a national target base across the UK.

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We pride ourselves on being totally customer orientated, with investing time and energy into our work we gather an understanding of our clients’ needs, and priorities, before making suggestions or commencing work. Successful SEO contracts arise out of a collaborative relationship with our clients which begins with us listening and understanding, and continues throughout the process of development.

Your website is your primary marketing tool. At Imagefix we can help you maximise its potential by using our advanced SEO techniques to ensure it’s working for you to drive local traffic to your site.

If you require SEO in Bedfordshire then call Imagefix on 01525 715608 and we can help your business!