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Should I Use my Personal or Company Linkedin Profile to Post to?

Should I Use my Personal or Company Linkedin Profile to Post to?

Should I Use my Personal or Company LinkedIn Profile to Post to?

Getting to know your way around LinkedIn takes a bit of time. Facebook’s far more immediately accessible, partly because there’s a pretty clear distinction between business pages and personal pages. LinkedIn merges the two, and that can feel uncomfortable when you’re starting out.

Many of our clients like the idea of using LinkedIn as part of their marketing campaign, but for many of them there are concerns about how to use the site. These are some of the questions we get asked most frequently:

This blog looks at each of these questions, as a way to get to know LinkedIn a bit better.

Why Market Your Company on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is social media for professionals. It’s a networking site which provides businesses with the opportunity to build their ‘connections’ through interaction with trusted contacts and professionals. With millions of participating professionals, LinkedIn is a great way to grow your traffic and increase sales leads.

Marketing on LinkedIn tends to fall into 3 kinds of activity:

1. Company Pages

A company page template is available to every business on LinkedIn. It’s easy to complete as it provides visitors with basic information about the company, and a brief introduction to the work it does. Company pages also link to the personal profiles of employees.

2. Personal Profiles

Whilst the company page introduces your goods or services to visitors, it’s personal profiles that carry the marketing power. Because people are more interesting than businesses. LinkedIn members can ‘follow’ a company, but they ‘connect’ with people.

3. Company/Personal Posts

Posts help you to grow your audience. Knowing your customer base is key to deciding what goes in them, and what the tone is. Your aim is always to encourage consumers to click through to your website, subscribe to your email list, or to buy from you.

Should You Use Your Personal or Company LinkedIn Profile?

Both your company page and your personal profile invite you to post regularly to your network. So which is the most effective when it comes to marketing? The decision becomes easier when you consider the kinds of things you’re likely to post:

  • Blogs/Articles. Value-rich content should certainly be posted on the company page, but it has more value if it originates from a personal profile. People are more likely to engage with a piece with a named author, and if they like it they’ll connect in order to get new posts as they’re published.
  • Announcements/Job Postings. These aren’t authored, as such, they’re statements of fact. Official posts work best when they originate on the company page, and are ‘shared’ by employees with a comment that personalises the content.
  • Case Studies. These are incredibly valuable on LinkedIn, and they’re perennially popular. These work best when they’re framed by an individual (personal profile) who’s been involved in the work described. Then they can be posted in the company page without the individual framing.

What Tone Should you be Writing in on LinkedIn?

Think of tone in terms of encounters, or meetings, which is what LinkedIn is all about.

Your personal profile should be like meeting a professional colleague for the first time; you’ll probably want to tell them about what you do, but also a bit about who you are. People are always interested in what you love about what you do, what you care about, and what you like doing when you’re not at work. Think of how you’d say these things, and write them like that.

Your company page is brand-led. It’s like introducing your business in a formal meeting. Your priority here is to write clearly, and to describe what it is you sell, offer or do. Sales don’t tend to be made on the company page. Rather, it acts as a gateway to the personal profiles that are more likely to generate interest and leads.

LinkedIn posts are conversations, whether they take the form of a blog, a share, or a status update. The best marketing campaigns engage their contacts in an ongoing conversation. These will probably include updates in work, thoughts on work-related subjects, useful articles you’ve found, silly stuff once in a while, and comments on other people’s posts.

If you’re looking to increase your company’s presence and connections on social media, as part of your marketing campaign, call the Imagefix team today on 01525 715608 to see how we can support you.