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Social Media for Business Success

Social Media for Business Success

Social Media for Business Success

It’s easy to spot a successful Facebook business page – there’s lots of followers, posts are regular and varied, reviews are positive and messages are answered promptly. A more difficult task is working out how you achieve a page that appears to be bursting with life, ideas and engagement – whatever platform it’s on.

More and more businesses are investing in promoting their brand on a range of social media platforms. The reasons are clear:

  • 95% of young adults follow a brand on social media
  • Social media has 2.5 billion users and growth is set to continue
  • Brands are expected to double their spend on social media over next 5 years

In this blog we outline what ROI businesses can expect from their social media accounts, and offer 5 tips for running a successful social media account.

Social Media ROI for Businesses 

Running a social media account requires around 2 hours per week for each platform. So what’s the ROI that a business can expect in return? Your criteria for measuring success should include: growth in website traffic, lead generation, marketplace insight, development of loyal community, and greater exposure for your brand.

Social media may lead to sales, but it depends on your product. A more typical experience for businesses using social media is that visitors tend to be at the top of the sales funnel. So your posts support them on their journey towards a potential sale.

 5 Tips For Running a Successful Social Media Account 

Social media eats time, requires creative brainpower, and has to be constantly monitored. Many businesses outsource their social media marketing because they simply can’t afford the time required, or they don’t have the expertise available. If you do choose the manage your own account, however, here are 5 tips that are tried and tested for success.

1. Organise Your Posting Schedule

Once you’ve decided which social media platforms are right for your business, you’ll need to schedule regular posts. The danger is that you’ll post enthusiastically for the first couple of weeks, and then run out of ideas. To avoid this, decide how many posts you’re going to schedule each week and keep to it. You might want to invest in a scheduler that suggests appropriate content, and allows for team sharing.

2. Provide Useful Resources 

You may need to spend some time considering what content would be useful to social media visitors. For the majority of social media accounts, direct selling is a turn off for visitors. Instead, they’re looking to find out more about your brand and your product. This can come in the form of videos, ‘how to’ guides, white papers, or process animations.

3. Learn From Your Visitors

You can’t ‘crack’ a social media account in the first couple of weeks. The best accounts are ones that ask questions of their visitors, learn from what they like and share, and recognise the gaps that need filling. Social media is always about a conversation, and visitors become loyal fans when they see that they’re listened to and their needs are met.

4. Manage Your Account

When people get in touch via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, they expect to get a prompt, appropriate response. So even if you’ve only allocated a limited amount of time each week, you’ll need to check your accounts every day. Twitter is now being used by young people as a way to speedily respond to a new product, or register a complaint. A prompt response is likely to increase their future spend by 3-20%.

5. Grow Your Leads

A social media account tends to result in more visitors to your website. You can capitalise on this traffic by leading visitors to gated content on your website. Alternatively you may want to offer a subscription to a regular newsletter, or to regular marketing updates. Try out a range of these kinds of approaches until you find the ones that your visitors respond positively to.

 About Imagefix Social Media Marketing 

We manage social media accounts for a range of businesses, from start-ups to established brands. The level of input from our clients varies, and we’re always happy to create and schedule content for companies that want a hands-off approach. Having set goals with clients in the early stages of our management, we review accounts regularly, and advise on strategies for increasing engagement.

 Thinking of starting to use social media as part of your marketing strategy? Imagefix offers 5 tips for account success. For more info on social media management, call 01525 715608