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Social Media for Business Success

Social Media for Business Success

What Are the Social Media Benefits for Business?

Know how many hours were spent on social media last year? A cool 12.5 trillion. These were clocked up by users on Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram. How many of them were scrolling, searching, or clicking through to your business? If you’re not taking advantage of this massive market yet, read on; we’ll take you through using social media for business success.

What Are The Social Media Benefits for Business?

96% of marketers use social media marketing, because they recognise the value it provides. Here’s a quick summary of the key benefits that it could be delivering for your business:

  • Sales and marketing. Promote your products and services to specific demographics through targeted social media advertising.
  • Brand building. Develop and define your brand through language, messaging, and visual identity.
  • Customer service. Address issues and inquiries promptly to effectively resolve problems.
  • Content. Share your content and products with a wide audience across various platforms.
  • Analytics and ROI. Assess your business performance, inputs, and key performance indicators using advanced analysis methods not available a decade ago.

Using Social Media for Business – Calculating ROI 

Running a social media account requires around 2 hours per week for each platform. So, what’s the ROI that a business can expect in return? Your criteria for measuring success should include growth in website traffic, lead generation, marketplace insight, development of loyal community, and greater exposure for your brand.

Social media may lead to sales, but it depends on your product. A more typical experience for businesses using social media is that visitors tend to be at the top of the sales funnel. So your posts support them on their journey towards a potential sale.

5 Tips For Running a Successful Social Media Account 

Social media eats time, requires creative brainpower, and has to be constantly monitored. Many businesses use a social media management provider because they simply can’t afford the time required, or they don’t have the expertise available. If you do choose to manage your own account, however, here are 5 tips that are tried and tested for success.

1. Identify Your Audience

Successful social media marketing comes down to diving into your data to find out who your target audience is, and where they hang out. Crack that and you’re on your way. If you don’t already have data to work with, run surveys, look at your customer feedback, or check out where your competitors are setting up accounts.

Identify Your Audience

2. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Once you’ve decided which social media platforms are right for your business, you’ll need to schedule regular posts. The danger is that you’ll post enthusiastically for the first couple of weeks, and then run out of ideas. To avoid this, decide how many posts you’re going to schedule each week and keep to it. You might want to invest in a scheduler such as Hootsuite, Semrush or Buffer.

3. Talk To Your Followers

Using social media for business means engaging with followers. Each platform offers different ways to do this; there are polls, questions, competitions, giveaways, and promotions as well as direct messaging and comments on followers’ posts. The best accounts are ones that ask questions of their visitors, learn from what they like and share, and recognise the market gaps that are available to be filled. 

4. Manage Your Account Consistently

Remember those trillions of hours spent on social media? Just think about the thousands of brands that your customers will be exposed to each day. Brand building is critical if you’re using social media for business. Followers are looking to connect with values they can identify with, share authentic posts that are written by humans, and engage with businesses that are consistent in content delivery.

Use the Data Available to You

5. Use the Data Available to You

Every platform provides social media analytics which gathers and analyses data from your posts and your profile. This data is invaluable as it offers insight into your followers and their actions as a result of that engagement.

Most important, it’s this data that allows you to measure return on investment. Having set your goals for social media marketing, analytics allow you to track which strategies are working for your business and which aren’t.

About Imagefix Social Media Marketing 

We have a team of social media specialists who will manage your social media accounts for you. Whether you’re looking for content creation, scheduled posting or full account management, we’ll grow your followers and provide an engaging experience for them. We set goals with clients in the early stages of our management, review accounts regularly, and advise on strategies for increasing engagement.

Thinking of using social media for business? Talk to an Imagefix social media specialist today about which platforms would be best for your target audience – 01525 715608