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Swarme Launch in Bedfordshire

Swarme Launch in Bedfordshire

Swarme Launch in Bedfordshire

Being part of the launch for a new product is always exciting, but Swarme has been a real delight to work on. Like all great solutions, it sounds like common sense: Swarme is an online platform that matches trained and experienced carers to care providers’ specific requirements. Carers get to publish the hours they are available, and how much they charge. And care providers can make direct contact with carers in their local area. 

A Digital Marketing Strategy for Swarme

The Imagefix team is thrilled to have such an innovative product to work with. Our brief is to carry out digital marketing for the Swarme launch in Bedfordshire. This initial strategy will then be used as a template for an expansion across more geographic regions.

Social Media Posting

The demographic for the Swarme platform is a complex one, requiring a carefully modulated range of approaches across a number of social media platforms. Our social media marketing includes:

  • LinkedIn. Posts targeted at care home managers, domiciliary care managers, and social care professionals.
  • Facebook. Messaging designed to catch the eye of people looking for work in the care sector, or people who haven’t considered care work until now.
  • Instagram. Designed to appeal to younger people, these posts seek to catch the eye of students, or young parents who may be looking for a few hours work as care assistants.

PPC Finds the People Who Need Swarme

The PPC campaign Imagefix has created for Swarme is designed to target online care providers who are looking for cover, or care workers who are looking for employment. Swarme appears with a solution, therefore, exactly when it’s needed. In order to achieve this we use Google Pay-Per-Click advertising. Carefully researched copy, and arresting visuals, catch and engage the attention of users matching our criteria.

Email marketing is also a powerful way to capture the attention of, and re-engage with customers. Where people have asked for more information, they’re sent high-quality messaging detailing the benefits and range of opportunities that Swarme can offer.

Growing Traffic to the Swarme Site

In the early stages of a launch the goal is to draw attention to the brand name, and drive interested visitors to the site. As it’s a new product, you can’t know exactly what will pique the interest of potential customers, which is why we continually tweak, and carry out A/B testing on our marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to capturing the attention of the relevant demographic. The Imagefix team carry out detailed research to discover the exact phrases and vocabulary used by care professionals, and young people looking for work. These are woven into all the messaging we use. Regular blogs published on the site and across social media are created to reflect key concerns currently facing social care professionals.

Ongoing Work With Swarme

The energy and passion of the Swarme team for this new product is infectious. Everyone at Imagefix wants it to be a huge success, and the early signs are excellent. We’ve worked very closely with a few key members over the past few weeks, and our role has developed in the process. This is the kind of project which is both challenging, and hugely rewarding to work on; we’re happy to have been given the opportunity to do so.

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