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Using GIFs to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Using GIFs to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

How to Use GIFs to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Social media loves GIFs because they can be relied upon to raise a smile, capture the feel of a moment, and provide an emotional response when words just don’t cut it. In a medium that promotes the idea of a conversation between people, GIFs stand in for facial expressions, quick fire wit, and mood explainers.

Conversation is the goal on social media, but many businesses struggle to capture the tone. GIFs are a great way to boost your marketing campaign. They allow you to shuffle off the formality and experiment with the kind of conversation your followers are looking for. They’re also capable of capturing an idea and turning it into an image that will stay with customers far longer than a wall of text would.

Marketing ‘stress-free piano removals’ is so much simpler when there’s a GIF that pretty much sums it up!

gifs for social media

Enlivening Your Social Media Feed

Adding a GIF to your Facebook page, or Instagram feed can bring your brand to life for followers or browsers. The moving image catches our attention far more effectively than text, and a repeated image will stick in the mind for longer than a logo, or intro text. And if you get lucky with a GIF that strikes a chord, you’re guaranteed shares, comment and likes.

GIFs, like emojis, are a way to extend the language you use with your followers and potential customers. It will take a while to find out what kind of GIFs appeal, where they’re appropriate, and how many are needed. Too many and followers will start to get motion sickness; cheesy or inappropriate ones will be ignored. As with everything on social media it’s a process of learning from the people you’re wanting to strike up a conversation with.

Use GIFs in Email Marketing

Effective email marketing can be a real headache for businesses. It should be so simple. You have a list of people who have expressed in interest in you brand. You send out info that’s relevant to their interests/needs. BUT THEY DON’T OPEN THE EMAIL!! The email open rate is just 18%, and the click through rate is even lower, at 2.6%.

Including a GIF in your marketing email you immediately increase the chance of it being opened by 6%, and the click through rate rises by 42%. Why? Because email recipients expect to be confronted by text. If you can confound that expectation and reach out with something more immediate, and human, they’re more likely to respond.

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