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At Imagefix we believe in providing the very best web design services for businessess large and small in Aylesbury. We’ll get your voice heard above the noise of the competition, and increase visitor traffic to your site. Whatever your business, our ethos is the same; to build the very best web site for your budget, using cutting edge technology and good looking web design.

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    Web Design Aylesbury – Helping Your Business To Be Seen And Increase Sales

    The Imagefix team offers a multi-faceted approach to successful website design. We combine a range of design skills and experience to provide first class websites featuring SEO marketing optimisation.

    This powerful blend of creative design and Search Engine Optimisation ensures that your website ranks excellently in the major search engines. Sites that make it to the top ten Google search results are 50% more likely to achieve click-through than those on any other page. We aim to get all our Aylesbury SEO optimised business websites excellent ranking positions.

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    About Us

    Garry Imagefix creative director

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    Established back in 2006 by Garry West and Tina Loan, Imagefix has its roots in both the digital design and marketing industries with years of experience in print and web design, marketing, retouching and image manipulation.

    Unlike traditional agencies, we can offer four key services to assist your online business presence:

    Print & Web Design; Marketing & SEO Services; Branding and Retouching. It’s only by combining these four cornerstones can you hope to launch a successful brand image for your business.

    It is our mission to serve our clients with passion and integrity, delivering effective web design services without the high price tag often associated with other Aylesbury-based agencies.

    We pride ourselves on understanding each client’s business culture and needs, and ensuring every project we complete is as unique as the people we create it for. We will always respect your deadlines and keep within set budgets; the only thing we want to exceed is your expectations.

    Simply the best! Nice people, flexible and understanding to clients constant changes, and a real asset to our service.MKi Photography




    With over 3 billion people online every day, how can you get noticed in the ever-growing crowd? The great news is that Imagefix’s SEO Aylesbury business website package provides a solution that’s working for our clients across the region. We start out by strengthening the online links to your product, as these are signposts for your customers. Then we create a powerful presence for your company in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page), using specialist SEO rich copy, tools, keyword analysis and backlinks.

    6 Website Design Tips for Aylesbury Clients

    6 Website Design Tips for Aylesbury Clients

    Most UK businesses now consider web design to be a necessary investment for business growth. The home-made website is now very much a thing of the past as visitor expectation has steadily increased over the past decade. This is all down to the high standards of customer service offered by the top brands online. Every website is now expected to offer the same level of experience encountered with Amazon or Google.

    The good news is that, even if you don’t have the purchasing power of a major brand, you can still achieve an excellent online experience for your visitors. Here are 6 website design tips that are guaranteed to grow your visitor numbers, and keep people on your site for longer:

    1. Your Website Should Be Easy to Use

    38% of visitors will click away from your website if it’s not clear how to navigate to the information they want. Achieving visitor friendly navigation is all down to planning in the early design stages. Work out what pages your customers are likely to want to navigate to, and provide an easy way for them to achieve this. 6 page tabs on the home page is about right. Any more starts to look confusing.

    2. Keep Your Design Simple

    Given an infinite choice of colours, fonts and styles it’s all too easy to create a website design that is overly complicated. Your visitors will tend to be in a hurry, so they’ll want to be able to scan your homepage fast. The best way to help them is to provide a limited colour palette, fonts that are easy to read, and plenty of white space on the page.

    3. Use Calls to Action on Each Page

    Take the opportunity to offer your visitors ways to engage with your business. Use clear, instructional phrases like “Subscribe to our newsletter”, or “Call us today for a free quote”. The simplicity of the CTA invites a clear decision to click for more resources. Don’t expect people to hunt out your resources, front-load them for ease of access.

    4. Fast Loading Websites Get More Traffic

    43% of online users say that they expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds. If a site takes more than 5 seconds they click away from it. This simply can’t be ignored as you could be losing half your visitors this way. Make loading times a priority on any new site. And if you have an old site that is sluggish, look for ways to speed up loading – such as reducing the size of your image files.

    5. Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

    At one time, the default design format was the desktop computer. Now our browsing habits have switched to mobile devices, and web design needs to follow suit. A responsive website is one that looks as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop. This is best achieved in the design process, but it can improvements can be made on older websites, too.

    6. Give Your Visitors Peace of Mind

    Online visitors are now far more alert to keeping their data secure online. This is thanks, in part, to the General Data Protection Regulation which came into force in 2018. The GDPR requires that site owners take due precautions to secure customers’ data at every stage of their buying journey. You can indicate your trustworthiness by having a current security certificate on your site, and making your Data Privacy Policy available.

    Looking for Help With Your Website Design in Alesbury?

    Whether you’re thinking of having a new website, or you want an existing site updated, a professional web designer can save you time and money. At Imagefix we create stylish, good looking websites that are hard-wired to grow your online presence. Whatever your budget, or ambition, the Imagefix design team can realise your online potential for you.

    Building Success for a Web Design Client in Aylesbury

    Building Success for a Web Design Client in Aylesbury

    We love working with the rich variety of clients that we have in Aylesbury, but only one – so far – has become a celebrity! When Sian Ellingworth first contacted us about her innovative new toothpaste for kids, we loved the idea. The Imagefix design team were asked to create a bright, fresh website that would have appeal for both kids, and their parents.

    The first Buddies website was launched in 2017.

    The Initial Design for Buddies Toothpaste

    The whole idea of Buddies toothpaste was, initially, to offer parents support as they tried to develop a brushing routine with their kids. Sian had struggled with her own children, so she knew how stressful it could be. Her product was designed to overcome some of the problems she’d encountered. The flavourings are pleasant to children’s taste buds, and only a small amount is needed to do a thorough job.

    We created a bright, friendly site that was easy to navigate, and focused on the information parents needed. Our original design was search engine optimised to ensure an immediate impact on launch. Other design features included:

    Imagefix really listened to what I was hoping to achieve, carefully questioning to make sure they got it spot on, made some really good suggestions and applied some great marketing skill in finding the right words.

    Founder, Buddies Toothpaste

    A Dragon’s Den Contestant

    A year and a half later, Sian contacted us again. She’s been selected as a contestant on the iconic Dragons’ Den and needed work doing on the Buddies website to prepare. Contestants are told to ‘brace’ for huge volumes of traffic during the show, so Sian wanted us to ensure the eCommerce feature was robust enough to withstand the onslaught.

    Despite rigorous stress-testing, we couldn’t help but be nervous as we saw the thousands of visitors pouring onto Sian’s site as she described her product to the ‘dragons’. She came away a winner, with investment from two of them, and the site proved equal to the huge numbers of people who wanted to buy Buddies toothpaste.

    A Research & Development Phase

    Since her TV appearance, Sian has been hugely busy developing her product, and finding new ways of using it. Dental Health professionals have seen real potential in the toothpaste for helping people with special needs, dementia or dysphagia. Sian would now like the Image fix design team to work on this third phase, where we explore a range of applications for the toothpaste.

    Working With Local Businesses

    This is exactly the kind of story that makes working on web design with local businesses in Aylesbury so exciting. It may be a TV appearance, it may be an overseas contract, or a partnership, which suddenly sends a business in a new direction. Every journey is unique, fascinating and exciting for the Imagefix team, and we feel privileged to be invited in to share it by our clients.

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