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Web Design Company Bedfordshire

Web Design Company Bedfordshire


A Leading Web Design Company in Bedfordshire

A website is a big investment for a company, no matter their size or stature. So you want to be sure that the web design company you choose to work with will offer you the very best return on that investment. In a recent survey of Bedfordshire businesses who’ve chosen Imagefix for their web design, we asked what an excellent ROI looks like. 4 key features emerged:

  • Strong brand identity
  • Lead generation capability
  • High search engine rankings
  • A web design company in Bedfordshire that’s responsive and approachable


 Strong Brand Identity

At one time a good-looking brochure website was enough to market your business. Now there are billions of business vying for the top online share, so ‘good enough’ is no longer an option. Web design for Bedford businesses now needs to look great, load fast, work equally well on any device and provide visitors with a valuable experience.

Visitors can choose between hundreds of different websites, so why invest their time in yours? That’s where ‘value’ comes in. The Imagefix team take time to understand your customers, so they know how to create the value that will keep them engaged with your brand. Strong brand identity provides an online experience that informs, educates and engages visitors.

Our web design for Bedfordshire Supported Housing is a great example of ‘value’ as an integrated element of design.

Lead Generation Capability

You’ve probably heard about the ‘bounce rate’? It’s the equivalent of Roman emperors giving the thumbs up, or thumbs down. Visitors to your site decide within seconds whether they’ll stick around and find out more, or ‘bounce off’ and try a different site instead. So what keeps a visitor on your site long enough to turn them into a lead?

The Imagefix design team have carried out a good deal of research into what keeps visitors engaged. We found that there were a number of important factors. Sites have to match closely with the keywords that attract clicks. Navigation needs to be clear and simple. Calls to Action should be designed to guide the visitor to find what they need. And attractive content, tailored to visitors’ interests is key.

Custom Concrete has found that leads have increased by more than 100% since we worked on their site.

High Search Engine Rankings

It’s no good having a great website that no-one ever visits. And yet many websites suffer exactly this fate. Why? Because the web designer hasn’t Search Engine Optimised them. SEO is the way you build a page 1 presence on Google, without having to pay for ad promotions. SEO is how you get your website working for you, attracting visitors, 24 hours a day.

For the Imagefix team, web design for Bedfordshire businesses is about helping companies succeed. Tower Lifts in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, chose us to create their first web design. Now they’re a global company and we continue to work with them. SEO isn’t instant, it’s a journey you take with a trusted partner who will deliver a top spot in the powerful Search Engines.

 A Friendly & Responsive Web Design Company in Bedfordshire

Imagefix is a local Bedfordshire business, too. It’s our home county and we are passionate about seeing Bedfordshire businesses thrive. We also love what we do, and a big part of why we love it is the people we get to work with. Our clients regularly amaze, intrigue and inspire us, and we hope that our enthusiasm and excitement feeds through to our designs.

If you phone or message Imagefix with a problem, or an emergency, someone will pick up. We’re a hands-on business that builds professional relationships with our clients. Our web design process is flexible enough to accommodate your needs. If you prefer to hand over the brief and wait for results – that’s great. If, however, you want to be involved at every stage, we’re happy to have you on-board.

“Local company to me and brilliant to work with – I had no knowledge of what was involved and they have delivered an amazing website which I have had brilliant feedback from. I would recommend them so helpful and approachable when your not a techie person.”

Roz Richardson, ARC Arboricultural Solutions

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