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A good-looking website is impressive, but a well-designed website grows your sales. Imagefix has been designing high impact websites for Milton Keynes businesses since the early 2000s. We work closely with company owners to understand what they sell, who they sell to, and what their business model is. Then our designers create a website that not only looks great, but also has the capacity to work for your business as a marketing tool.

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    We combine a blend of services ensuring that Milton Keynes businesses stand out from the crowd.

    About Us

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    Established back in 2006 by Garry West and Tina Loan, Imagefix has its roots in both the digital design and marketing industries with years of experience in print and web design, marketing, retouching and image manipulation.

    Imagefix are more than just a web design agency…

    We pride ourselves on understanding each client’s business culture and needs, ensuring every project we complete is as unique as the people we create it for. 

    We will ensure not only beautiful design, but can provide a full copy writing service. We have written for a diverse range of businesses and organisations. We also specialise in creative writing, social media, email marketing, and SEO friendly web content.

    6 Website Design Tips for Milton Keynes Clients

    6 Website Design Tips for Milton Keynes Clients

    Not so long ago, a home made website using a commercial template was all you needed to launch your business. That’s very much a thing of the past, as websites like Google and Amazon now set the standard for customer expectation and service. Most UK businesses now consider a professionally designed website to be a key investment for commercial online growth.

    Most clients contacting our web design agency in Milton Keynes don’t have budgets that come anywhere near the money spent by major brands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an excellent online experience for visitors. We’re sharing 6 website design tips that we know from experience will grow visitor numbers, and keep them on your site for longer.

    1. Simplicity Is Appreciated

    We’ve all seen websites that haven’t learnt the art of simplicity. They use a number of colour palettes, rather than just one. There’s often not an inch of white screen to rest the eyes. And your brain’s jangled by the numerous different fonts in play. Most online visitors are in a rush. They need clear informations, and simple navigation to get them where they need to be.

    2. Make Life Easy for Visitors

    If you’ve only got a couple of minutes, you’ll click away from any website that appears to waste your time. And that’s exactly what 38% of online searchers do when encountering a homepage without clear navigation. Before you start working on how your design will look, think about what your visitors need. Plan out the perfect visitor journey, then make it look stunning.

    3. A Fast Loading Website is More Popular

    Quite simply, it’s annoying to click on a link and have to wait more than a couple of seconds for it to load. With so many other options, why would I wait around? The standard loading time is now 5 seconds. If your site takes longer it may be because your image files are too big – which slows functionality. Files shouldn’t exceed 80Kb-100Kb, and in most cases 20Kb-30Kb is fine.

    4. Calls to Action Work

    Calls to action are useful. They suggest a clear way forward to visitors, whether they’re looking for more information, more engagement, or they’re ready to buy. The point of the call to action is to front load the range of resources available on your site, rather than expecting visitors to go searching for them. Offer clear CTAs on every page, with working links, and accurate information attached.

    5. What do You Look Like on a Phone?

    Your site should look as good on a mobile as it does on a desktop. Google is making this a requirement for websites that want to achieve a good search engine ranking. You should, therefore, be aiming at the very least for a responsive website. If you know the majority of your customers use phones to search, you should create a mobile-first design that prioritises their experience.

    6. Grow Trust in Your Website

    Your visitors have no reason to trust your business, because they have no personal connection with you. Any website needs to build online trust, therefore. There are a number of ways to do this. Customer reviews are now key for online visitors, as is a clearly posted Data Privacy Statement. If your business has professional accreditations, you should post these in a prominent position on the home page.

    Looking for Professional Website Design in Milton Keynes

    Whether you’re starting from scratch with your website, or you need a refresh, professional web design can save you time and money. The Imagefix web design agency in Milton Keynes has over a decade’s experience creating good looking websites that are hard-wired to market your business online. Whatever your budget and time-frame, Imagefix will help you to achieve your online potential. 

    Imagefix are extremely professional. Working with them has been a pleasure. They have helped Lead Forward beyond measure. They have helped with our Marketing requirements, Design requirements, created a professional Website and continually supported our business throughout. Thank you!Lead Forward Team

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