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Website Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting Services

Imagefix Provides Professional Website Copywriting Services

Ever landed on a website that’s full of typos, poorly written sentences and spelling mistakes? It’s a bit like coming across a shop window that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, where there’s a running crack in the glass and the goods on show look like knock-offs. Your first instinct in both cases would probably be to beat a hasty retreat; you certainly wouldn’t be contemplating a purchase!

Back in 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates came out with the unforgettable phrase ‘Content is King’ Fast forward two decades and content remains a key component for websites, advertising materials, and social media. Why? 21st century selling is about starting a conversation with your customers, rather than shouting at them – which is why good copy has to be at the heart of any marketing campaign.

Search Engines Reward SEO Rich Content

The success of websites depends on quality content. Google has spearheaded the pursuit of high quality copy, offering genuine value to readers, by rewarding content that is:

  • Unique – copy has to be original – borrowing from other websites quickly sends your search engine ranking plummeting.
  • Relevant – your marketing copy needs to give readers information that develops their understanding of your product, or provides them with useful contextual knowledge.
  • Clear – providing easy-to-read copy, using clear and accessible language which will ‘speak to your readers’ is a baseline for any marketing copy.
  • Proofread – mistakes are inevitable, but copy that is riddled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar shows a lack of respect for your readers, and a lack of professionalism.
  • Offering useful links – anything that adds value for your readers is rewarded, so linking them to authoritative, high quality, accurate sources is recognised as good practice.
  • Providing relevant keywords – these are words or phrases searchers use to look for products. Using carefully researched keywords optimises your online visibility.
  • Regularly updated – in order to remain relevant for readers, website content should be regularly updated or refreshed – which is why blogs are such important content.

How Do Search Engines Rank Website Copy?

All of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Baidu) have slightly different ways of ranking the content of a webpage, but all of them use bots or spiders to crawl all the content on your website, and index the results. How your content scores will have a powerful influence on the position of your page when people search for products like yours. Professional copywriting is a quick and easy way to raise your website in search engine rankings.

Imagefix Offers Professional Website Copywriting Services

Good copywriting requires a range of professional skills, including the ability to find the right ‘voice’ when writing about products; a rich vocabulary; research experience; the ability to tell a good story; clear descriptive skills, and an understanding of rhetoric and syntax. At Imagefix we have a team of professional writers who bring years of experience to the copy they write for our customers.

Whatever copywriting services you need, we will always get to know you and your product before starting to produce content for you. These are the kinds of copy we can provide:

  • Website pages copy – we can provide all the copy your website requires, including links, product description, methodology, team story, blogs, and calls to action.
  • Blogs – for websites to rank well they need to be publishing at least 4 blogs, or short articles, per month. We can create unique blogposts, using relevant keywords, providing added value for your customers.
  • Social media posts – a presence on social media is becoming more and more important as a means of driving traffic to your website. We can produce copy for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts.
  • News articles – stories about your company will be popular with your readers. If you let us know when you sponsor a local football team, win a prestigious contract, move premises, or provide essential services – whatever is relevant to your business – we’ll turn it into a news story to publish on your site.
  • Case Studies – if you are a fairly new company, or you’re first to market with your product, case studies are essential as a means of showing visitors they can trust you to deliver. We will interview clients and write up a case study for you.

Is the content on your website giving you the best chance of getting a great search ranking? Why not call us to talk through the copywriting support we can offer you on 01525 715608

Imagefix Creates a Website Design for Peterborough Business

One of the perks of working in web design is that you never know exactly what the day will bring, or what you’re going to learn about as the result of taking on a new project. When Peterborough and London based business, Liquid Screed Direct Ltd, approached us it was the first time we’d ever heard of their product – designing the logo and developing a WordPress website meant getting up to speed quickly!

Liquid Screed Direct Ltd provides an advanced flooring solution to contractors, developers and small house-builders across the UK. The product creates a smooth, even, imperfection-free surface, as a foundation for the flooring finish.

Working with Our Clients for Effective Web Design

Whenever we work on the branding and website design with a new client, our aim is always to help grow their business, and ensure that it reaches its full potential. We avoid talking too much about us, or using exclusive jargon to baffle clients – instead we prefer to spend some time listening to them talk and to find out more about the business we’re working for. We particularly enjoy extracting the story of where it came from, how it has grown, and where it’s headed. 21st century businesses are not only about the products they sell, they’re also about the people behind the products, and the passion that drives them.

An Effective, Eye-Catching Site with Organic SEO

Our client was keen to create a clean, lean, responsive website with high quality images and emphasis placed on core products and the expertise of the team that installs them. We created a design which offers visitors easy navigation, and an excellent user experience whatever device they’re viewing on. Organic SEO ensures that the site will continue to climb higher in search engine rankings, and well researched SEO rich blogs. Providing unique relevant content, will refresh the site regularly.

If you are looking for any design solution,  let us work with you to ensure your business is a success. Call today on 01525 715 608 for a free quote!