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Website Design Ideas for Business

Website Design Ideas for Business


7 Website Design Ideas for Business

Within seconds of walking into a shop we tend to have a pretty good idea of whether we’re going to buy anything. We’ll check out the stock, the décor, the ‘feel’ of the place and if it doesn’t feel right, we’ll walk straight out again. Websites are exactly the same, only it’s the font, the images, the loading speed and the content that determine whether or not we’re a potential customer.

Business websites tend to ‘age’ quite quickly because technology moves so fast. If it’s a while since you’ve updated the look and feel of your site, here are some business website design ideas and tips to add value for your online visitors.

1. A Dynamic Home Page

We’ve all encountered the websites that feel dull, or inert and they tend to make visitors feel the same way. With so many options to choose from now, consumers are used to being immediately engaged by the sites they visit. This could be a video playing, but it could also be an animation, or a shifting background image. Movement arrests the eye and keeps visitors on your page.

2. Responsive Design

It’s pleasurable to click on a link and have the page load immediately. So much so that over 50% of visitors to your site will navigate away from your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to open. The same applies if your site looks bad on their mobile or tablet. Responsive website design ‘hardwires’ loading speed and mobile performance into your website.

3. Embed Customer Reviews

One of the first things consumers look for when visiting your site are reasons to trust you. Reviews from customers are the most popular way to build that trust. Our advice is not to be coy. Front-load your customer reviews and integrate them into every page design. It needn’t be brash, but it should be a constant re-iteration of the value you guarantee your clients.

4. Include Product Photos

We don’t all sell good-looking products, but the good news is that visitors want to see your product anyway. Images need to be high quality but they don’t need to be masterpieces. Consumers search for authenticity and a site using photos that are ‘real’ will gain more traction with them then one which depends on stock photos.

5. Provide Valuable Content

More and more websites are creating ‘content hubs’ for their visitors as part of their marketing. These are resources that provide detailed answers to frequently asked questions, tips for using the product or service, or informative blogs. The accent is now on demonstrating that you listen to your customers, you understand their needs, and you deliver.

6. Noticeable Calls to Action & Contact Details

It’s amazing how many websites make it difficult to get in touch. There are even more websites that never respond to the contact form because of broken links. Letting your customers know what to do next and how to do it is key to making sales. Use eye catching designs, click-to-call buttons, and reliable email forms. It’s a simple way to increase sales immediately.

7. Make Sure Your Website Ranks in the Search Engines

If you invest in creating a great website, but it doesn’t have organic SEO, then your website won’t be found online. It’s a brutal fact, but 91% of online content attracts no visitors at all, for this very reason. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your site will get ranked by the major search engines.

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We’re a web design agency that supports local businesses by creating website designs that actively drive visitors to your product. We do this by creating high quality, good looking websites – but that’s just the start. Our sites are SEO enriched, which makes them 10 times more likely to be ranked on page one of the major search engines – boosting your sales instantly.

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