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Website for Flitwick Housing Development

Website for Flitwick Housing Development

Rockfield New Homes Website Launch

The Imagefix design team is always hungry for a new challenge, so we were delighted to be contacted by Rockfield New Homes. They were wanting to create a website alerting potential buyers to a new development in James Place, Flitwick, near Bedford. There was just one problem, none of the houses were yet built, so how could site visitors see what they would look like?

Using CGI for Property Websites

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is most commonly used in video games, or TV special effects. We suggested that it could be the ideal solution for Rockfield New Homes. First, we created 3D models for 3 of the houses to be built, using the architect’s plans. The model provides an image of the house in relationship to the environment and surrounding buildings.

Once the model has been created, texturing and the effect of, for example, sunlight on the bricks is added in. The final stage is the rendering, when the 3D model is converted into a photo-realistic, high resolution image. Using CGI, we were able to provide Rockfield New Homes’ website visitors with accurate, good-looking images of houses in James Place.

Website for Flitwick Housing Development, Rockfield new Homes

A Collaborative Partnership to Website Completion

We first starting talking about this project in 2017 and it was launched earlier this month to synchronise with the building development. During that time we worked collaboratively with our client on the look of the site, and the CGI on selected properties. Once the initial designs were complete we provided a series of drafts for review and feedback, before publishing to deadline.

Logo Design and Original Copy for Rockfield New Homes Site

In addition to the CGI, our design team were asked to create a logo for the website. In the final version the imagery speaks clearly of the product, and the brand name is fully integrated into the design. The key logo colours are echoed throughout the site, and the logo image appears on every page in a range of different formats.

Our copywriting team were also busy on this project. We provided original copy for every page, based on a detailed brief. Visitors to the site need to be able to see the properties they are considering buying, but the copy plays an important role in providing design details, and offering a ‘word picture’ of what it would be like to live in James Place.

Imagefix Enjoys New Challenges

Our Rockfield New Homes client is delighted with the completed website and the team at Imagefix is proud to have been a part of it. The process of creating it enhanced the services we are able to offer to our clients, and involved us in a design process we would be excited to repeat. In this instance we really felt that we were an essential ingredient in our client’s success in selling the properties. And that’s what we believe a good web design agency is all about.

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