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Website Security

Website Security

Don’t Let Cyber Criminals Bring Your Business to a Grinding Halt!

It probably won’t surprise you to know that WordPress is one of the world’s most popular applications for small businesses looking to build their network of customers. There are currently over 75 million WordPress websites representing SME businesses worldwide who are taking advantage of their free installation, their huge range of templates, and the high quality, flexible interface that makes selling a product online fast and effective. The one drawback of WordPress is that their user-friendly platform is also a prime target for spammers and hackers.

Why Is Website Security Such a Big Deal?

This is a question we get asked a lot; companies with small websites attracting limited internet traffic can’t see why anyone would want to attack them and don’t understand why they should expend time and resources ensuring the security of their internet presence. Unfortunately, the world of cybercrime is complex and devious, making every website an attractive target for:

  • Ransomware – holding your content to ransom until you pay up.
  • DDoS – using your website as a botnet to attack larger websites.
  • Hijacking your server to use for sending out spam.
  • Malware which could expose your user-base to viruses and data-loss.

 How Can I Secure My Website Without Spending a Fortune?

Keeping your WordPress site secure doesn’t require a huge budget, but it does need you to be aware of the ongoing threats, and regular attention to your website. It’s a bit like the care and attention you give to your car, checking the oil, tyres and water, and having an annual service to ensure its smooth running. There’s not a business on earth that is TOTALLY secure, but by attending to the following you can shift the odds of being hacked in your favour:

  • Update Regularly – when you log in and see the prompt to ‘update’ your website or plugins, do so! The recent ‘Wannacry’ virus attacked systems where updates had not been applied.
  • Use 2-Step Authentication Login – This is now available on WordPress sites and, like your bank login requires both a password and a code sent to your smartphone.
  • Update Passwords Regularly – Don’t use simple passwords or your mother’s maiden name. Schedule a change of password every six months.
  • Use Themes and Logins from Reputable Sources – ‘there’s now’t for free’! A premium theme for free is probably a virus in disguise – don’t even be tempted.

Creating a Secure Culture for Your Business

Imagefix works in partnership with Layer 8 Ltd to offer SMEs up-to-date advice and support when it comes to securing your business’ most precious assets. If you are concerned that your employees lack the skills and awareness to provide ongoing protection to your online business resources, take a look at the ‘bite-size’ security education packages offered by Layer 8 on our website.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help combat cybercrime in your organisation then please contact us on 01525 715608 or sign up here for your Layer 8 toolkit