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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

A Concise Guide to Digital Marketing

‘Digital’ is one of those words you think you know the definition of, until you look closer. Then you wonder whether you know what it means at all! It’s a legacy term referring to the digital signals that make computer technology possible, but it now has a more general meaning. Which is – ‘online’. So the answer to the question ‘what is digital marketing?’ is marketing that is carried out online.

Digital marketing uses all the ways we use to communicate with each other online, in order to promote brands to customers. It has a specific goal with all its interactions: To convert prospects into leads.


Why Use Digital Marketing?

Online marketing has now largely replaced the more traditional forms of advertising, such as leaflets, newspapers and brochures. Its dominance as a marketing method comes down to 5 clear benefits it offers to business:

  1. Cost. Digital marketing is far less expensive than traditional marketing, and for start-ups, or small companies, it can be absolutely free. The resource it eats up is time, however, so businesses now need to schedule in hours each week for digital marketing activities.
  2. Personalised Communications. Digital marketing provides data analytics, which tells businesses where their customers are coming from, what their age and gender is, and which keywords work best. So you can target your communications directly to the customers you want to speak to.
  3. An Online Marketplace. Geographical boundaries no longer exist for marketing. Your ads, blogs, posts and emails can be seen by as large, or as niche a group as you wish. You can also decide to sell to specific geographic areas.
  4. Know What’s Working. Every digital channel you use will be tracking the results of your campaigns and offering invaluable information as you move forward. It could be as simple as knowing how many people read your blogs, or which of your website pages is performing best.
  5. Immediate Conversions. Digital prospects are offered multiple ways to connect with a brand and buy from them. There’s no need to write down telephone numbers, or cut out an advert, you can simply click on a link to register an interest, save for later, or buy immediately.

Types of Digital Marketing

There’s a range of channels to choose from when it comes to digital marketing. None are better than others; it simply comes down to what blend suits your business best.

Social Media Marketing

This is what most people think of in connection with digital marketing. The most widely used social media platforms are LinkedIn (B2B), Facebook (B2C), Instagram (B2C), Twitter (B2B & B2C), Tik-Tok (B2C). Social media marketing is all about generating conversations and discussions which can take the form of likes, shares, follows and posts.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is critical for all your digital marketing. Why? Because you need SEO to get found in Google; it creates the crucial link between your site and the search engines. SEO ensures that your site fulfils a range of criteria which Google considers the benchmark for a site which delivers value to its customers.

Content Marketing

Online customers have different expectations from traditional customers. They are delivering their time and attention, in return for high-quality content, providing information they find valuable and/or entertaining. Google considers content key to the delivery of value, so well-written, seo optimised, original content is now on the agenda for most businesses.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Most of the digital channels now offer space to run ads. The advertisers pay for them each time someone clicks through to their landing page. This form of digital marketing is generally used to introduce a new product, alert people to a promotion. PPC campaigns generate instant sales because they are designed to appear when online searchers use a specific keyword connected with your product.

Email Marketing

Research shows that recipients like email marketing if:

  • They’re asked if they would like to subscribe (with a clear option to unsubscribe)
  • The content remains appropriate to their interests
  • Emails include promotions and quality content

A brand might offer a regular newsletter with specific items within it being offered to different segments of their email list.


About Imagefix

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