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What is Local SEO Marketing?

What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO and High Street Shopping Go Hand-in-Hand

The High Street has had a tough couple of years but – as people start to return to bricks and mortar shops – it’s showing encouraging signs of recovery. There are a couple of reasons for optimism. First, as large chain stores quit town centres, prime spots become available to independent retailers. Second, the trend for home working is proving to be good news for local economies.

So, what is local SEO marketing? And what part does it have to play in the post-Covid revival of High Street shopping?

Local SEO Explainer

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps local bricks and mortar businesses to be found more easily by a greater volume of people on Google. It does this by ensuring that your business website appears in the ‘map pack’ for your local area. This is a Google map with local businesses marked on it, and 3 business listings beneath it.How Google Serves Local Communities

Google is on a mission ‘to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. In order to do this for local geographical areas, it includes a ‘proximity factor’ in search queries. For example, if you enter ‘curry takeaway service’ into Google, the algorithm takes into account where you are located, and responds with information about businesses nearby.

The growth in mobile phone ownership has hugely expanded the opportunities for local SEO. Around 60% of all Google searches are made on a mobile, and 72% of food and hospitality searches. This means that people looking for a place to eat in a new town will be directed to the local map pack, based on their location, thanks to Google.

5 Ways Businesses Can Take Advantage of Local SEO

As a local business you get the opportunity to appear in the local SEO listings as well as the organic search listings. So, your chances of getting found by online searchers are substantially increased. Want to know how to start using local SEO? Here are 5 tips from the Imagefix SEO team:

  1. Google My Business. A free resource that’s simple to set up. It offers you the opportunity to list your business location on Google Maps and provide the key information Google will use for its local algorithm.
  2. Local Landing Pages. If your business has a number of locations, or you serve a number of different areas in a locality, create a landing page for each one. This allows Google to respond to local searches accurately.
  3. A Local Blog or News Feed. Instead of depending on your pages to do all the work for you, publish new content regularly. You should include local references wherever possible as an anchor to your locality.
  4. Build Local Links. How does Google know that your business is valued by the local community? By the populaity you site has with local users and organisations. Think about ways to get people visiting your website.
  5. Publish Engaging Content. What kind of content do your customers value? Perhaps you could create a video introducing yourself and your product, a ‘how to’ guide to using your product, or handy tips associated with your expertise.


If you would like to find out more about local SEO marketing, what it is and how it works, call us today at Imagefix. We have over a decade’s experience in SEO management and an excellent success rate for our clients – 01525 715608