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What is SEO Marketing?

What is SEO Marketing?


What is SEO Marketing?

If you have a website, or web content that you use to promote and sell your product, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures you can be found easily. In order to rank high with major search engines, your web content needs to demonstrate that it’s trustworthy, authoritative and relevant to people looking for products like yours. The more it meets these criteria, the better it will rank in the search engines.

How Does SEO Work?

91% of the content sitting on the web gets no traffic whatsoever – simply because it’s not optimised for search engine ranking. This gives the 9% who have optimised their sites a huge advantage when it comes to attracting traffic.

The major search engines will only promote sites that meet criteria related to trust, authority and relevance. So let’s take a look at what they’re looking for:


  • Does your website post reviews from customers?
  • Is your web presence consistent across the web?


  • Do quality websites link to yours (backlinks)?
  • Does your website receive a regular flow of queries, comments on articles?
  • Does your brand have a lively presence on social media?
  • Is your brand mentioned regularly online?


  • Does your website use relevant keywords/search terms for your product/service?
  • Is your content original, researched, and relevant to your customers?
  • Does your website regularly refresh/update content and resources?

A Mobile First Approach to SEO

Mobiles are the way most people search online now. Consequently the mobile version of your website is now the starting point for Google’s ranking. Google includes loading speed in its mobile assessment. Most consumers will discard a mobile page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, whilst the average loading speed is 22 seconds – Google is looking to push improvement across the board.

A Marketing Website Includes SEO

There are numerous good looking websites that aren’t receiving the attention they deserve, simply because they’re not SEO optimised. Ideally your website will be fully responsive (meaning it works equally well on any platform) and have SEO ‘hard-baked’ into its design. This means that from the moment it’s launched, search engines such as Google will be assessing and ranking your website.

Selling Local? Optimise Your Local SEO

87% of consumers searching on their mobile are looking for local businesses. Local SEO connects searches carried out on mobiles with businesses nearby that align with the search criteria. So if you googled ‘plumbers near me’, you’d get a featured selection of local plumbers. To take advantage of local SEO you simply need:

This is an excellent way for local businesses to tap into a network of customers who are actively looking for products or services like theirs. Again, this isn’t being utilised by the majority of companies, so simply taking time to set up your local SEO puts you way ahead of the curve.

Imagefix Provides SEO Marketing Websites

Imagefix works with local businesses that want to grow their sales network using their website and social media. We always recommend SEO marketing websites because we know that they’re the only way to get your product noticed online. We can grow a company locally, regionally or internationally, using SEO and we have a number of clients who’ve successfully made the leap from national to international sales with us.

 If you want to improve the returns you’re getting from your website, call us today on 01525 715608 on to find out how we can create a marketing website that grows your sales.