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Why is Graphic Design Important?

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Why is Graphic Design Important?

However far back you go in the history of writing, you’ll find techniques employed to help the reader through the text. Like chunks of content broken up, crafted handwriting or fonts, pictures that illuminate the meaning of the text, and a style, or design, that pulls the component parts together. Taken as a whole this is a rich language designed to inspire, engage, and seduce.

Why is graphic design important? Because it adds another dimension to our reading experience. The graphic artist speaks to a part of us that enjoys colour, appreciates a carefully balanced web page, appreciates the flow of a font, and delights in the wit of a clever logo.

“Every day, we take many of the subtly artistic things around us for granted. But hidden in every magazine corner, exit sign or textbook lies a set of design ideas that influence our perceptions”

– Founder of ProductViz 

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Suppose you’re putting together a campaign for a new product; you’ve done your research, created your brief and handed it over to a graphic designer to do their magic. They will then use form, colour, text, and imagery to create a tone, and catch the eye of your desired demographic, speak visually to your customers.

The Imagefix graphic design team has come up with 5 reasons why your marketing materials need the specialist knowledge a graphic designer can bring:

1. Branding Sells

The way your marketing looks will determine whether or not people buy from you. It’s like meeting a client for the first time; you want the setting to be right, the coffee to taste good, and the conversation to be lively and upbeat. That’s the job your branded marketing materials need to do, and it’s down to your graphic designer to do it.

2. Content Needs to be Readable

Online shoppers are hungry for content, but they want good quality content; content that’s readable. Which means it’s designed to keep the reader moving through the text, whilst offering helpful visual enhancements along the way. Clear, stylish fonts are helpful; a carefully formatted page keeps readers on track; high-quality, appropriate imagery enhances their experience.

3. Create Consistency

A strong brand image provides your business with credibility and weight in a hugely over-populated market. A consistent image is the starting point for brand loyalty; in order to follow a particular brand, it has to be recognisable, credible, and offer something you want to share with others.

4. Stand Out From the Crowd

There are a number of free graphic design tools online – but think carefully before you choose them over the services of a graphic designer. Generic design tools offer ‘a version’ of graphic design, but not the creative spark that can make someone laugh, inspire them to take action, or want to know more. Marketing is about standing out, not getting by.

5. Content for Sharing

Social media marketing lives or dies according to how many people want to share it, like it, or add comments to it. The first base for sharing product posts is trust in the company that’s sharing them. If the design looks cheap, or unprofessional in any way, it reflects not only on the brand, but also the sharer.

Imagefix Graphic Design Services

Our design team has over 10 years of experience to bring to your product or service. Whether you’re looking for a simple leaflet, a web design or a whole new marketing campaign, we can provide design options, work up an idea from your brief, or collaborate with you to find the look that fits your brand.

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