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Why Use a Graphic Designer?

Why Use a Graphic Designer?

Why Businesses Benefit From Using a Graphic Designer

Visuals help businesses to sell their product/services. And there’s a good reason for that. The human brain is optimised for images, rather than words, which means visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than written content. Blogs, web pages, posts and fliers are more attractive, and communicate more effectively if there are images involved.

It sounds straightforward – just pop in a few stock images – but that’s a very blunt instrument. If you’re wanting to communicate clearly with customers, you’ll need someone who’s trained in visual language. Which is why you use a graphic designer. They are skilled visual communicators who can inform and engage your customers by creating an eye-catching blend of images, graphics, and text.

4 Benefits to Your Business From Using a Graphic Designer

Having a graphic designer working on your behalf gives you access to a powerful marketing communication first and foremost, but the Imagefix team has come up with a number of other benefits to your business, too:

1. A Graphic Designer Can Save You Money

Every business is looking to reduce their outgoings and increase their profits, but creating your own graphics is often wasteful of resources. They can also be harmful to your brand. Your attempt at reducing the budget could end up costing you more because of expensive colour choices, layout errors or poor print quality.

A graphic designer will produce professional designs that are tailor-made to your brief.

2. Graphics Are Unique, and Tailored to Your Customers

We’re now a visual culture that’s as adept at reading images as we are at reading the written word. We’re also bombarded with imagery from TVs, phones, billboards throughout the day. In order to compete, your imagery needs to be unique, high-quality, and relevant to the audience you’re wanting to attract.

Precise communication, that is eye-catching to your target market, is the stock-in-trade of a graphic designer.

3. Your Brand Sticks in People’s Heads

Think Nike, Twitter or Apple and their logo, typeface, and brand colours pop into your head in an instant. That’s marketing power! And the ingredients? Colours, logo, layout, font, images blended together to create a unique ‘character’ or brand that stands in for your company and is memorable enough to ‘stick’.

Graphic designers work with businesses to translate their values and characteristics into visual design for use across all marketing materials.

4. Your Graphics Make Customers Feel Good About Themselves

The consumer choices we make are largely based on how we want to feel about ourselves. It’s no accident that online shoppers rate ‘image quality’ as highly important when making purchasing decisions. We’re all of us looking for online content that differentiates itself by being better, different, or more attractive.

Your images will stand more chance of being noticed, and highly rated by potential customers if they’re created by a professional.

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