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Why Use WordPress for Web Design?

Why Use WordPress for Web Design?

5 Reasons Why Web Designers Use WordPress

Why use WordPress for web design? The Imagefix team uses it because it provides second-to-none value for our business clients. The top 4 items that we’re asked for by businesses commissioning a new website design are:

  1. Easy to Use. The back end of the website should be simple to access and to navigate.
  2. Good Looking. The design needs to look contemporary and high quality. It should reflect the brand.
  3. Online Features. Clients want eCommerce sites, integrated online forms, reviews, or trustworthy security available on the website.
  4. Additional Page Builder. It should be possible to add new pages or features once the design is complete.

WordPress excels in all of the above, which is why over 500 websites each day are designed using it, including brands like Spotify, BBC, Etsy, Vogue and The New York Times.

What is WordPress – and isn’t it for blogging?

WordPress.org is a blogging site, but WordPress.com is a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) that is used globally for the design and hosting of websites. It uses programming languages that are widely recognised, making it hugely accessible, and is able to build just about any website you might want. The vast library of plugins offers an amazing range of features, all of which are available instantly for users.

WordPress powers around 45% of the world’s websites – so it’s reliable, supported and guaranteed to be around for the next few decades!

Why Use WordPress for Web Design? – 5 Reasons

This is where we take a closer look at why WordPress is a great choice for web design, and we bust a few myths along the way.

1. WordPress is Great for Large and Small Businesses

There’s a perception out there that WordPress is another of those ‘build-your-own’ web design packages. It’s a myth. WordPress is ‘open source’ so anyone can use it to design a website but, for the best results, you want someone who knows the system and can extract exactly what you want for your website from it.

WordPress is used by corporates, governments, start-ups, and SMEs because it’s an excellent option. And, once your site is launched it requires only minimal training for businesses to make changes to it as it evolves.

2. WordPress Web Designs are Unique and Bespoke

Another myth that circulates around WordPress is that designers have to use ‘off the shelf’ themes so all the designs are similar. This simply isn’t the case. Professional web designers love the fact that WordPress provides a fully proven, thoroughly tested, widely used, and expertly coded framework because it’s great value for customers. The WordPress framework places no restrictions on their creativity, or their ability to deliver custom sites to clients.

3. WordPress Websites Are SEO Friendly

WordPress makes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) easy. SEO is the way websites are structured to make them easy for search engines to read and rank. Whilst WordPress won’t guarantee you a Page One spot (you need excellent keyword research to make that a possibility), it does mean that Google will be able to understand your website and include it in the rankings.

WordPress Websites Are SEO Friendly

4. The Plug-Ins are Legendary

A plug-in is a piece of software that adds a new feature to a website. The WordPress directory has around 60,000 plug-ins which have been developed to help with the speed, ease of use, and security of your website as well as offering customised forms, live chat, and analytics. Plug-ins are the building blocks with which a web designer uses to customise websites for their clients.

5. WordPress is Like a Universal Language

After a few years of use any web design will start to look dated. Usually all that’s needed is a design refresh. Any professional web designer will start by asking whether the original design was created in WordPress. If it was, the job is likely to cost you less because the system is easy to access, and every many designers have experience of working on WordPress sites.

Another reason for its popularity is the fact that WordPress follows best practices as laid out by Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also works in all modern website browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Would You Like to Know More About WordPress Web Design?

The Imagefix design team use WordPress as our default CMS. It allows us to work creatively with our clients, whilst keeping our prices competitive. Every design we build in WordPress is unique, and we are happy to work to a detailed brief or offer options after an initial conversation. Our team is friendly, professional, and totally committed to creating the perfect website for your needs.

Would you like to talk to someone about a WordPress web design or refresh? Give us a call today for an informal chat about what you’re looking for – 01525 715608