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Advantages of PPC and SEO Working Together

Advantages of PPC and SEO Working Together


Advantages of PPC and SEO Working Together

Wondering whether to spend your marketing budget on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? Well now there’s another option; align the two approaches. Both SEO and PPC are about targeting online searchers, so it makes sense that together they’ll complement each other and lead ultimately, to more successful search results.

If that’s the case – you might ask – why don’t marketers use the two together more often? The simple answer is that the two approaches tend to be dealt with by two different departments, and this has lead to silos being formed. At Imagefix, however, we believe that the advantages of PPC and SEO working together are too tempting to be ignored any longer!


 What’s the Difference Between SEO and PPC?

If you’re a seasoned user of SEO or PPC you won’t need any explanations, but for many people these terms are incomprehensible and off-putting. So here’s our brief definition of the work SEO and PPC do:

  • Search Engine Marketing. If you have a website but your don’t have SEO it’s like having a car with an empty fuel tank. Even if it’s a top of the range Aston Martin, it won’t drive without juice. Well SEO is what fuels your website. You can only be found if the major search engine like Google rank your site. A Page One ranking will land you plenty of traffic, and SEO is what makes it happen.
  • Pay-Per-Click. When shopping online you’ve probably experienced those ads that have an uncanny sense of what you’re looking for. These are PPC ads that target online shoppers who type specific keywords into search engines. Marketers only pay for ads when someone clicks on them – hence the name.

4 Ways PPC and SEO Can Work Together to Generate Leads

Traditional marketing wisdom has it that PPC works fast and SEO works slow. PPC tends to get used for promotions, sales or new products, therefore, and SEO uses keywords to raise your ranking in the search engines. At Imagefix we’ve been helping our business clients align the two approaches.

Here’s 4 ways we’ve found to increase leads, boost revenue, and gain a Page One spot in Google.

1. Strengthen Your Keyword Strategy

Keyword research is central to successful PPC and SEO. Knowing what words searchers use to find products really is the key to sales growth. PPC ads provide huge amounts of data relating to keywords that achieve the most conversions. Cross fertilising this knowledge strengthens your SEO content strategy, and helps you to prioritise keywords in titles and meta descriptions.

PPC data can deepen and extend your keyword research, leading to content that attracts more engagement.

2. Reinforce Your Presence on Google

If you have a keyword that is already ranking in the top three non-paid (organic SEO) results on Google, you may not see the need to add PPC into the mix. Think again. The Imagefix team has seen improved lead generation from using PPC to supplement organic results. In our experience, the searcher’s eye tends to scan the paid adverts first, then scroll down the page. Where they see the same company a second time, they’re more likely to click through to their website.

Even a page one ranking will benefit from PPC, as searchers tend to click through more readily to repeat listings.

3. Enhance Your Social Media Offering

SEO casts a net widely amongst online searchers, whereas PPC provides a forensic focus. If you want to learn more about your searchers, therefore, choose a highly specified group to research, using ads on social media. You may choose to make your Facebook ad visible only to 35 year olds, interested in electric cars, who live in the West Midlands. Retrieving data from this group will give you important insights into shaping content for your SEO campaigns.

Focused PPC campaigns provide detailed insights into your target audience, which can then be used in SEO.

4. Shape the Way Your Audience Sees You

Suppose you get some bad publicity – a product fails to deliver, or has to be recalled. It’s all too easy to lose the narrative as media outlets decide how to tell the story to their readers. A strong, active counter-strategy using PPC and SEO can help you regain the advantage. By ensuring searches relating to the negative story always turn up a page describing positive ways you’re dealing with the problem, the fire gets dampened and you retain your reputation.

PPC & SEO can work effectively to counter negative stories in the media, and reinforce a company’s reputation.

 Can We Help You Benefit From Using PPC & SEO Together?

Is SEO and PPC a whole new world to you? Would you value some advice, or guidance on how to use both to create a successful marketing plan? Imagefix is here to help. We are a digital marketing agency with over a decade’s experience of working with PPC and SEO to grow business sales.

Find out how you can improve your website’s visibility, increase your sales leads, and target your marketing more efficiently by contacting our friendly team today. Our goal is always to see our clients succeed online – so let’s get started right away!

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