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Business Blog

Business Blog

Why Google Loves a Business Blog

Looking for a higher ranking in the search engines? Starting a business blog could be the answer. Here’s why: Google’s primary quest is to find fresh content to serve up to searchers. Websites that don’t add new content regularly don’t get prioritised. So, adding a blog gets you on Google’s radar, and livens up your site for your regular customers.

What is a Business Blog?

No time to devote to writing a blog? Don’t dismiss it out of hand. Business blogs come in many shapes and sizes, dependent on your business. A business blog could be:

  • Company news – a new project, or job completed.
  • Case Study – job details and imagery.
  • A ‘how to’ list, or an explainer for one of your products.
  • Regular recipes, tips or expert advice (dependent on what you do).
  • A featured interview with an employee talking about their job.
  • A response from the company to a national news item that’s relevant.

Who Reads Blogs?

In order to answer this question, think about the number of times you type a question into Google. ‘Where can I find a local plumber?’, ‘How can I get my brakes checked?’, ‘How can I find old versions of web pages?’. One of the major sources of information Google uses to respond to these questions is blogs.

If you’re about to start writing a business blog this is an important thing to remember. It needs to answer questions that your customers might have, or provide specialist content they’ll want to read.

How Does Google Find My Blogs?

Google invests heavily in finding the best online content available to provide a response to searchers’ questions. They use software to ‘crawl’ each new piece of content and index it for use. What they’re particularly interested in is original and informative content that answers popular questions and queries.

Key to blog success, then, is your ability to provide relevant and trustworthy content. How do you know what this is? Find out what the questions and search terms are that people looking for your product use. These are called keywords and they’re a cornerstone of Search Engine Optimisation. You can find them using these free keyword research tools:

What Do I Do with The Keywords?

You’ll find that you’re able to compile a list of keywords that are relevant to your business and have a high search volume. Some of them may include a geographical reference, others may refer to different types of products, or services you offer. You can use these as the basis for your posts, knowing that there are people searching online who want the content you’re writing.

How Often Do I Need to Post?

One blog a month won’t make any difference to your Search Engine Ranking, 4 blogs a month will, but will take time to produce results (4-6 months). 8 blogs a month will be more effective, and so on. Volume and regularity are important. It may seem a long game, but once you start to rise in the rankings you quickly gain momentum.

At Imagefix we provide blog content for businesses across a range of sectors, and we consistently achieve a Google page one ranking for them.

Working With Imagefix

Imagefix is a web design and digital marketing agency that provides SEO services for global businesses, SMEs and start-ups. We have a team of content creators who create blog posts for a variety of businesses, with the aim of landing them the top spot on Google. If you like the sound of a business blog, but you don’t have the in-house resources to invest, we can provide keyword research, write content and post your blogs online for you.

Would you like to talk to a member of the team about starting a business blog? Call us today on 01525 715608