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Why Is Social Media Important for Business?

Why Is Social Media Important for Business?

Throughout 2020 and into 2021 social media played a really important role for users. And it had nothing to do with business. In a world where physical contact was denied, digital contact became critical for families, friends and couples across the UK. People weren’t interested in products, they wanted to connect – so business took a back seat.

Now the social distancing restrictions are lifted, and that enlarged social media audience is ready to engage once more in browsing, buying and engaging with brands. More than 70% of UK businesses are currently using social media to connect with them. A recent Social Trends Report found that 75% of businesses are there to acquire new customers as their number one goal. Suddenly social media is really important for business again.

Why Social Media, Though?

Let’s focus on the ‘social’ in social media for a moment. It’s a special kind of communication that recognises the customer as a living breathing being who’s up for having a conversation with friends, family and – yes – business brands of all sizes. In order to take part, all you have to do is be human, take an interest in who you’re talking to, and have something really interesting to say.

And if you do all that, you have a potential audience of 48 million people in the UK alone!

OK, So How Does Social Media for Business Work?

There are two things that social media can do for your business. You get to choose which of them you want to pursue:

1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is all about using social media channels to humanise your product and find people who want to engage with you online. Branding starts a conversation. Customers gradually become part of a community of people who are also involved that conversation; they feel an affinity with your values and your product.

Brand awareness won’t grow your sales fast. What it will do is increase familiarity, build loyalty, and get people talking about you.

2. Increase Conversions

If your priority is to achieve a return on your investment, then a professionally managed pay-per-click campaign will give you an immediate high-impact result. PPC ads can be targeted to a specific demographic, or to online shoppers who are looking for products like yours. They appear on your social media channel of choice and you pay only when someone clicks on the link in the ad.

Pay-per-click will grow you sales fast, but only so long as you’re running the ads. What they don’t do is build a long-term relationship with customers.

Why Not Do Both?

At Imagefix we would recommend using both approaches as part of your social media marketing. That way you get the advantage of a high-impact strategy you can use when needed, alongside a supportive community that – given time and attention – will become loyal brand advocates.

Want to know more about working with social media? Imagefix has published two guides: Social Media Tips for Business, and Social Media for Business Success. Or you could talk to us about running a social media marketing campaign for your business. Our digital marketing team manage successful, goal-driven PPC campaigns, create unique content, and maintain social media channels on our clients’ behalf.

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