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Custom Web Design

custom web design

Why Custom Web Design Drives Online Success

Every business recognises the importance of having a website, but what kind of website should you choose? Custom web design refers to the process of creating a unique and website, reflecting your brand and tailored to meet specific business goals. Unlike generic website builders, custom web design is a personalised approach, ensuring that every element, from layout to functionality, aligns precisely with the client’s requirements.

Custom web design utilises the expertise of web designers to create an engaging online experience specifically tailored to your target customers. Imagefix has been creating custom web designs for businesses of all sizes since 2006. We have seen the positive impact these designs have on users and the success they bring to our clients. In this article, we will explore the range of benefits that a custom web design can offer your business.

5 Benefits of Custom Web Design

A competitive website stands out in a crowded online marketplace. It not only offers all the functionality visitors need, it also provides a great visual and aesthetic experience. A competitive website is memorable; you want to return to it because it has useful, relevant content, and it’s easy to navigate. A custom web design has as its goal the creation of a competitive website, rather than just a functional one.

  1. A Design That Reflects Your Brand Identity
  2. Durable Web Design
  3. Superb User Experience
  4. Search Engine Optimised Websites
  5. A Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

1. A Design That Reflects Your Brand Identity

A Design That Reflects Your Brand Identity

A custom web design will look different from every other design online. Imagefix web designers take time to understand your business, your customers, and your values. This allows them to create websites that reflect what matters to you as a business.

Using competitor analysis, our designers gain insights into the sector, and create a website that effectively communicates your message, engages your intended audience, and drives conversions. Once complete, your web design will represent you in its colours, layout, and style. This brand identity can be reproduced across business stationery, social media, and brochures.

2. A Durable Web Design

Imagefix custom websites are designed to grow with your business. What may start out as a simple 6-page brochure site, can be adapted for eCommerce, or grow to encompass arange of specialist features that are integral to your business.

Many of our existing clients have websites that have gone through major adaptations, redesigns and rebrands. In each case, reworking an existing website with robust functionality, was faster and more cost-effective that starting all over again with a brand-new website.

3. Superb User Experience

A website with a great user experience ensures that visitors can find what they need, engage with the content they’re looking for, and accomplish the goals that have led them to the website, without frustration.

A custom web design recognises that superb user experience requires a detailed knowledge of why users come to your website, what they want to do when they click through, and the functionality required to delight them. Our web designs respond to a range of potential users, all at a different stage in the customer journey.

4. Search Engine Optimised Websites

A custom web design will be search engine optimised. This means that it is designed and structured in a way that enhances its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. An SEO website is easier for searchers to find, because it is designed to be matched to relevant search enquiries.

Search engine optimisation involves implementing various strategies and techniques, such as optimising keywords, meta tags, and content, improving website loading speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, and acquiring high-quality backlinks. The goal of SEO is to increase visitors from search engines by making the website more trustworthy, authoritative, and visible to both users and search engine algorithms.

5. A Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

55% of web searches start on mobile devices and 92.3% of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone. These figures tell us a powerful story about the need for website design that works equally well on desktops, mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

Mobile-friendly design is also know as responsive design. Responsiveness can be retrofitted, but it’s best to hardwire it into your site at the design stage. In addition to its flexibility, responsiveness also guarantees fast loading speeds for your web pages (1-2 seconds max).

A Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

Is Custom Web Design Right For My Business?

Wondering if a custom web design is the right investment for your business? Here are three questions that may help you to decide:

  1. Do I Have Unique Branding Requirements? If you are in a sector with lots of competition, you would certainly benefit from unique branding that set you apart from the rest. On the other hand, if you are a niche product, with a self-selecting target audience, branding won’t be that important to you.
  2. Do I Need Specialised Functionality or Complex Integrations? If your business requires complex functionality or you need to integrate with third-party systems, a custom web design can provide the flexibility and scalability needed to meet your requirements.
  3. Is my Target Audience Demanding a Unique and Tailored User Experience? Knowing the expectations of your target audience is crucial. If you operate in a competitive industry where user experience plays a vital role, a custom web design can help you stand out.

Imagefix Custom Web Design for Business

At Imagefix we’re always looking for the best option for our business clients, and custom web design ticks all the boxes. It provides a branded website that works 24/7 online to generate enquiries and enhance brand visibility.

“Excellent experience with the Imagefix team on my website v2.0 project recently. Their creativity, website design and responsiveness were second to none and so appreciated. Tina & Garry are brilliant to collaborate with, and they deliver fantastic results. Highly recommended.”

– Claire Koryczan

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