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eCommerce Website for Small Business

eCommerce Website for Small Business

How an eCommerce Website Design Can Help Smaller Businesses

Small businesses don’t tend to have huge budgets to spend on their website, but what they need – what they really need – is great value for money! What does that mean? Often the best value is to be found from web design agencies that have a great track record for designing eCommerce sites, and who know how to make your budget go a long way.

If you’re designing an eCommerce website for a small business, you need to know your priorities. And that means knowing what shoppers are looking for online, and the kind of functionality they appreciate once they start shopping. Here are the Imagefix web design team’s top 5 priorities:

  1. Good Quality SEO. Shoppers clicking on your site need to be able to trust you have what they’re looking for.
  2. A Responsive Site. The vast majority of shoppers are searching on mobiles, and they don’t have much time. So your site needs to look good on any screen and load fast.
  3. Carefully Designed Menus. A reliable eCommerce site knows how the shopper’s mind works, so they’re always one step ahead, making shopping easy.
  4. Good Looking Product Pages. These are the shop windows. They need to feature great images, a range of views and carefully crafted content.
  5. Great Checkout. This is where most sales are lost. Your checkout needs to be secure, offer choice and – above all – be quick and simple.

Good Quality SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. If your website is search engine optimised it’s ‘Google Ready’, which means it can be read by Google and included in their search engine. If your content is found to be accurate, and your site is designed to be easy to navigate, your online authority will grow, resulting in better ranking results and more visitors.

A Responsive Site

Also known as technical SEO, all web sites are ranked by Google according to the time they take to load, and how they look on mobile screens. Other factors affecting your ranking include the level of security supplied by your site, the inclusion of a sitemap, and a carefully considered web architecture. The site should also be registered with Google and Microsoft to enable analytics.

Carefully Designed Menus

Easy navigation is all about knowing about what your shoppers are most likely to be looking for. That means helpful ‘calls to action’ that seem to anticipate shoppers needs, and a clear menu structure that allows shoppers to get where they want in one click. Good navigation is also distinguished by a lack of distractions and plenty of white space on your web pages.

Good Looking Product Pages

When customers buy online, they’re trading convenience for a ‘hands on’ experience of the product they want to buy. The job of the eCommerce website, especially in the case of small businesses, it to build trust. One way of doing this is to invest in great images, that offer a detailed and multiple view of the product, and original, well-written content that describes products accurately.

Great Checkout

This is, in great part, dependent on having chosen the right eCommerce platform provider, and tested its integration exhaustively prior to going live. An excellent checkout process is one that doesn’t put barriers in the way of the shopper, that offers a range of payment options available, and provides clear returns policy that is fast and frictionless.

About Imagefix

We’re a web design agency that specialises in creating eCommerce sites. Imagefix started out small over a decade ago, and we’ve now grown our team to include web designers with a range of skills and sector experience. Every eCommerce website for small business clients is unique, and emerges out of detailed discussion, careful research, and specialist input from copywriters, SEO experts, and graphic designers.

Would you like Imagefix to create an eCommerce website for your small business? Call us today for an informal chat with one of our web designers – 01525 715608