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Why is Keyword Research Important?

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Why is Keyword Research Important to Your Online Business?

If your business resides online, your website is your shopfront. Most businesses are happy to invest in their web design, because they want their ‘shopfront’ to look inviting, engaging, and professional. So why don’t most businesses also invest in Search Engine Optimisation in order to get their product in front of the people who want to buy it?

At Imagefix we invest a good deal of time talking to businesses about the SEO work we do and the ways it can benefit their sales. The key message we always try to get across is that SEO is the way online shoppers find your business when they’re looking for products like yours in a search engine. And why is keyword research important to SEO? Read on to find out.

The Relationship Between SEO and Sales

Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting people who are looking for products like yours to your website. A common problem for eCommerce is getting found on Google, and SEO is the key to achieving it. Once your website is optimised it becomes ‘Google ready’ and will get offered up to people who are searching for the kinds of products or services you offer. As more people visit, it will rise in the rankings and so attract more people.

Where Does Keyword Research Come In?

Keyword research is all about knowing what the words or phrases are that people use when searching for your product. Unless you’re using keywords that already have ‘volume’, or evidence of people using it in their online search, you won’t attract customers looking for what you sell. Suppose you’re a plumber in Brixton; the keyword ‘Local Plumber Brixton’ attracts 10 searches monthly, whilst the term ‘Brixton Plumber’ attracts 210 searches.

What Keywords Do Your Competitors Use?

A good starting point for getting to grips with keyword research is to take a look at your closest competitor. What are the titles of each of their pages? These will give you a good indicator of the keywords they’re using to attract customers. Your keywords should be similar, but not identical. Perhaps there’s a service you offer that they don’t, or an area you work in that they don’t list.


  • Competitor Keywords: Brixton Plumber, Local Plumber, Burst Pipes Brixton,
  • Your Keywords: Emergency Plumber Brixton, Local Plumber South London, Burst Pipes Brixton Hill

Cut Down on Your Bounce Rates

Bounces occur when visitors land on your site and leave immediately because it’s not offering them what they’re looking for. This usually happens when the keywords being used by the site fail to match precisely with the content of the site. Google takes a dim view of these kinds of high bounce rates because they’re an indicator of poor SEO management.

Once you know which keywords accurately describe your business, your bounce rate should diminish rapidly, which is key to getting a higher search engine ranking.

Working With Imagefix

We’re SEO specialists with a great track record for getting our clients an excellent search engine rating. The vast majority of businesses working with Imagefix see 75-150% increase in traffic to their website within 3-6 months of us managing their SEO. If you would like us to carry out keyword research for your product, or SEO your website for a higher search engine ranking, give us a call and we’ll explain what we do in more detail.

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